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Devilsplay -> DVD losing out (28/11/2012 7:54:47 PM)

As a long time buyer and subscriber of Empire I'd like to put forward that their reviews of DVD and Bluray should take into account that DVD's are now becoming the vanilla copy! To get all the extras now you have to spend much more no the Bluray copy!! This seems to be the studios attempt to force the sales of the newest format up as costs have def stopped e buying into it! With well over 500 films on DVD it saddens me that they are moving in this direction!!

Kevtb -> RE: DVD losing out (1/12/2012 8:22:17 PM)

Blu Ray prices are coming down fast. For only being a few years old, they are more than reasonably priced. More so than DVDs were after a few years of being in the market place. If you find a deal, you can pick up a bunch of great recent (last year or two) titles for 5 each.
I don't get why it would sadden you? There's nothing stopping you from keeping and playing you DVDs on a Blu Ray player. Now you have the added choice of paying an extra few pounds for better sound and image on almost any film you care to name. My film collection is now about 85% DVD, 15% BR. I really only pay out for personal favs or visual heavy movies.
I held off on Blu Ray at first precisely because of the price. But now it's much more affordable and competitive and at the end of the day you are buying a better product so they will always be more than DVDs. Of course DVDs are even cheaper than ever now, but like you said, that's because they are on the way out. Still nothing wrong with them. The real thing you have to worry about is that maybe Blu Rays themselves don't have a long lifespan and could be overshadowed by digital downloads etc in the next 5 years.

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