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Empire Admin -> Alex Cross (28/11/2012 12:19:09 PM)

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Groovy Mule -> RE: Alex Cross (2/12/2012 11:56:31 PM)

Saw this at a lunchtime showing in a large London multiplex at the weekend and I was the only person there (only the second time that has ever happened) and on the strength of the film, I can see why it didn't attract anyone else.

The character Alex Cross should be a big draw, both for studios and filmgoers alike. Smart character with a large number of novels behind him allowing for good franchise potential, all of which has been squandered by Rob Cohen and mainly the reason for that is the casting.

Tyler Perry is not a good actor. This is the first time I'd seen him on film and I knew very little about other than he seems to be a big deal in the US but this is not the role for him. Neither convincing as a normal human being particularly in the opening sequences with his family nor able to convince as an action star, Perry is woefully miscast. This franchise is crying out for an intelligent likeable screen presence with some gravitas, an Anthony Mackie, Idris Elba or Jamie Foxx would have been ideal.

The story is convoluted and the motivations of Matthew Fox's Picasso killer are never fully explained beyond that he is a bit crazy and likes to be nasty to people. His performance is interesting more for the weight loss involved than anything else. The big business cyphers appear only to give the film whizzy locations in which to shoot whilst Jean Reno cashes his paycheck. Above all, this is a nasty little film which leaves loose ends and disappointment.

There are 2 positives I can draw from this film. One is that Ed Burns proves once again why he is such a watchable screen presence with an easy charm that translates nicely into the film's star turn and the second is that despite the hamfisted attempt at relaunching Alex Cross as a credible film franchise must surely be dead in the water.


Wild about Wilder -> RE: Alex Cross (6/12/2012 11:21:09 AM)

Agree totally this was just plain terrible "WHAT THE HELL THEY WERE THINKING!" having Tyler Perry as Alex Cross god only knows[sm=34.gif]. He's only popular in America & then only in certain sections he can't act though admitedly he's big he's also overweight judging by the shoddy speeded up fight scene which you usually see know on Segal straight to dvds.
The thing is Cross is supposed to be an hyper intelligent individual in this you just had Perry come in & say oh yeah it's this, that & this job done, I blame Cohen's Cack handed approach equally aswell at least with a half decent Director & an actor such as Jackson, Elba, Smith, Foxx, Cheadle or Howard ( Good call on Mackie forgot about him[&o]) it'd had half a chance.

5/10 mainly for Burns.

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