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Empire Admin -> Kasdan Rumoured For Star Wars 8 (21/11/2012 5:16:20 AM)

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Low_key -> (21/11/2012 5:16:20 AM)

I'll almost be disappointed when everything's confirmed. I'm enjoying the speculation on everything from writers to cast. We can all play fantasy movie in our minds.

Gildan -> (21/11/2012 7:33:24 AM)

AICN is reporting that this is now offical news

kittybinks -> Star Wars overload (21/11/2012 7:48:26 AM)

Why are Star Wars movies like a bus? None for ages then 3 come along at once!

DarthMaxxx -> RE: (21/11/2012 12:01:59 PM)

Sometimes I think that this is the major factor in why there are so many Star Wars haters out there, they've all had to much to think....

doyle09uk -> Star Wars 7 - Gran Torino in space (21/11/2012 1:08:35 PM)

Han Solo to meet Gran Torino style end in episode 7.

That is my wish.

nybras -> Kasdan is ideal choice (21/11/2012 1:37:34 PM)

Empire and New Hope still the best of the lot.
However, I dumped an original B-Wing few days ago, any geeks pisst off? Muhahahaha...

circuit -> May the force be with you (forever and ever and ever) (21/11/2012 7:42:48 PM)

I can't be the only one who's had enough of Star Wars. Why is there so much speculation about the new trilogy? Have we forgotton the dissapointment that was the last one? The original story, though it worked for the saga, was really quite basic, how and why anybody would want to spin nine films out of it is beyond me though the term 'Cash-Cow' springs to mind. Normally I 'm one of the more upbeat commenters on the site but this just isn't good news. Much as I like him as an actor Harrison Ford is now too old to play Han Solo not to mention the fact that he didn't get on with Mark Hamill who looks like someone punched a scrotem; and one of the reasons they fell out was over Carrie Fischer who is no longer Princess layer. For God sake leave 'Star Wars' alone already.

Fozola -> You'll Still Go and Watch It... (22/11/2012 1:18:41 PM)

Everyone moaning like frickin Fergie after 90mins...you WILL still watch them and anyone who says otherwise is talkin shite. Having said that I did say I would never watch a second Craig Bond movie after that Casino crap and stuck to it despite the hype! Anyway any Star Wars movie has to be better than Paranormal Activity fuckin 12!

bradcam72 -> RE: You'll Still Go and Watch It... (22/11/2012 3:33:26 PM)

I'm pretty sure it's "James" Bond, not Craig...

Fozola -> Oh dear... (23/11/2012 1:11:56 PM)

Ok, I'll spell the sentence out to make it easier...a second Craig....Bond movie (as in a second Bond movie with Craig in it)....Jeez...

jobloffski -> RE: Oh dear... (23/11/2012 5:00:40 PM)



NB...am also joking

leroythemasochist -> star wars stuff (26/11/2012 10:13:07 AM)

anyone who's ever seen and liked a star wars movie will have to be BLOODY strong with the power of either side of the force to not go see the new ones.
it's just some sort of weird pull they have, like a crashed x-wing mysteriously emerging from a Dagobah swamp - it just defies logic but none the less, you watch it happen.
i don't know much, but i do know this... i was 7 when New Hope came out and it sorta was a 'new hope' for me as a kid. movies back in the 70s weren't on the whole made for little kids. you had ya disneys (ironically enough considering their recent purchase) and all that stuff but when this new hope came along it was just like "finally! someone REALLY made a movie just for me!!" (I saw Jaws prior to SW but really, not a kiddies movie)
after that they came along thick and fast - Star Wars, INDY, BTTF, Goonies, ET, War Games, Close Encounters... all these amazing movies just seemed to appear.
And even though Indy's still top of my list, I would have to acknowledge that SW was the spark that lit it all up for us little kids.

Now, I have a 4 year old who in 2015 will be... 7.
Naturally, he's been schooled in all the above movies and loves them deeply (especially Indy, SW and BTTF) but this new movie will hopefully be his generation's REAL Star Wars movie. Not those pitiful prequels but real, proper, well thought-out, well acted, well directed movies that he can show his kids one day and say 'look at this, you'll like it - promise.'

I'm really excited about this new batch (ooh Gremlins!) and I just think that if Hollywood has the entire movie community to choose from they really shouldn't arse it up.
As for Luke, Leia and Han being in them...?
I'm a big Ford fan but should it happen??
Yeah! Bollocks to it! Stick him in there, let him have a big old shoot out, fly the Falcon with Chewie and then go out in a mega blaze of glory so Harrison can have his way and kill the old smuggler off once and for all.
Leia? Yeah, Fisher's awesome cool - give her another go.
Hamill - for Godsake he's gotta be there.

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