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James Dyer -> iPad edition in OZ (19/11/2012 9:40:34 AM)

I don't have any news on the subs front but for those down under I have a glimmer of good news. Despite me saying it would never, ever happen, the app is now available in both Australia and New Zealand. We didn't have the rights as ACP (an Australian publisher) owned them. However we've apparently now bought ACP, which rather solves the problem.

julesmoviereviews -> RE: iPad edition in OZ (2/12/2012 5:10:25 AM)

**Update** I have been checking this for some time, the moment I post to say it is not there to download, it suddenly is! (NZ Itunes)

Awesome, many thanks - now if we can just get the two subscriptions tied together so I do not have to make a choice between paper or digital, our lives will be complete(ish).

Ps it is very warm and sunny here today if that is of help to anyone in the UK.....



HI James, really interested in this story. Living in "Middle earth" NZ, having emigrated from the UK in 2002. Followed Empire since magazine number 2 and now have a big collection. Buying the parallel air freighted copy is expensive so finally chose the print version from Greatmags which at least is a bit cheaper. Did subscribe for a while before but the Hobbits kept stealing them before they got to me....

Anyway despite anyone from NZ being barred from looking at the UK site for a while (commercial reasons I believe, now sorted by yourselves eventually) I am interested in the combined Ipad and print subscription but I will not add to you woes on that one.

Even if that does get sorted "in the new year", we then have the stumbling block that I cannot buy/download the Empire app from the NZ Apple iTunes store, this is part of your agreement due to the AU version (It's ok but not as good, in quiet voice) being sold down here.

I read your note that a glimmer of hope is coming but certainly cannot see it on the store yet.

So simple Y/N question, will I be able to buy the UK iPad edition from the NZ iTunes store sometime next year, possibly as an extra to my print subscription. Notice I did not ask when, just next year for now.....or are the politics/commercial agreements just too hard to sort out?


MicleArons -> RE: iPad edition in OZ (26/12/2012 8:30:19 AM)

A new report from Taiwan says Apple will focus on upgrading the display in its next-generation iPad mini, while the fifth-generation (full-size) ...

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