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Empire Admin -> Jack Reacher TV Spots Shoot In (18/11/2012 8:22:02 AM)

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waggle -> Idiots (18/11/2012 8:22:02 AM)

I can no longer contain my frustration over this god aweful attempt at bring a great book series to the big screen.The powers that be in Hollywood have deemed the cinema going public to dumb to grasp the idea of a good plot twist,instead spoon feeding us every single piece of information in the trailer thus ruining the chance of an enjoyable thriller.I'm over the whole Tom Cruise/Jack Reacher height issue,in point of fact I was even beginning to root for Tom.But now that they have ruined a potentially good movie franchise by dumbing down the plot in it's first incarnation I'will only enrage the fans of the book series.I can't see the film being a success and will kill off the chances of any more books being turned into films.So script writer's of Hollywood stop messing with great stories.The one person I feel sorry for is the author Lee Child who has no choice but to go along with this sham and will be accused of selling out by his fans.There rant over....

clarkkent -> (18/11/2012 2:34:46 PM)

Ugh. The height issue isn't such a problem, the main one is that Cruise just doesn't "sell" the idea of a military man, drifter and all round bad ass. Worse yet, the script sounds terrible, that line in the trailer about "not being a good man" is god awful. yes, it's an accurate description of his character, but it's not the kind of thing he would ever say out loud.

Porter -> I'm not a Jack Reacher fan... (19/11/2012 9:58:38 AM)

...because I have never read any of the books. I am a Tom Cruise fan (don't care what he does off-screen, so don't bother getting into that with me) and think this could be alright. Nothing special, but alright. My big problem with it is, and clarkkent touches on it, Tom just doesn't sell hard-nosed combat vet. I don't buy it. He's too pretty and smooth. He can sell me Ethan Hunt because it's a different kind of hero, but Reacher seems to be the one-man-army type character we used to see in the 80s. Look what Daniel Craig did for Bond. His face looks like it's been around the block. You buy his past as a soldier and spy. Tom's face looks like he's just had a facial.

nybras -> No thanks. (19/11/2012 4:56:19 PM)

I'll watch this just to kill time...

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