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MI Cruise -> Copyright images and fair use? (17/11/2012 11:48:23 AM)

I'm trying to set up a blog, however I was wondering the use of images such as those for TV shows and how to use them without infringing copyright.

thanks for any help [:)]

Rebenectomy -> RE: Copyright images and fair use? (10/1/2013 9:54:09 AM)

I've looked into this a fair bit for my own blogging. The common, though I'm not sure if this is universally legal, practice, is that images for the purpose of review/comment are okay if you stick to publicity images (ie, not your own screen shots) and give credit somewhere on the page. It's also considered very good practice for the image to have a link and title to the original source, though if you're hotlinking from Google, the chances are the original source may be several links away, so use your nogin. For example, if you're posting a picture or poster image of say Les Miserables, underneath in a linking title have Working Title/Universal Pictures, with the lettering highlighted and linking to the film's website.

If you want to ensure a genuine image and not one that has been lifted from a pirate dvd or dodgy screener, the film's website or wikipedia are the best resources. If you persist with the blog and build up a relationship with PR people, they'll end up sending you links and banners to use any way.

If you're not talking about film/tv/books etc, and rather photographs of other things you should ask the photographer's permission, or use a generic image site such as This lets you download and use the image, normally for free, so long as you apply the accreditation code on the page.

I'd also advise you to always download the image to your own computer first and then upload onto your blog. This avoids the unsightly blank images common when you link from another site that later removes the image.

Moorish -> RE: Copyright images and fair use? (13/1/2013 6:09:28 PM)

TBH, I doubt anybody would mind within a blog. If they did, they'd ask you to take it down, not get into a legal fight. As long as you're not being negative to the picture you're showing, you shouldn't have a problem I feel (assuming you're not showcasing somebody's art, hotlinking, uploading scans from comics etc etc)

rich -> RE: Copyright images and fair use? (13/1/2013 7:09:16 PM)

You should credit the studio if you're really that worried, I don't think it's going to hurt. After all, film blogs are promoting their releases. I don't see even that on some sites.

Moorish -> RE: Copyright images and fair use? (13/1/2013 8:56:16 PM)

Indeed. Just don't slander them if you credit them ;-)

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