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Empire Admin -> Scott Derrickson Directing Deus Ex Film (16/11/2012 7:30:02 AM)

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MrTrick -> correction (16/11/2012 7:30:02 AM)

"He’s given nanotechnological augmentation "

Nope, human revolution is set several years before the development of nanotechnology, Jenson's enhancements are biomechanical in nature

This could potential be an awesome new franchise but I cant help but fear it will go the same way as Max Payne. the ultimate in wasted potential.

bereski -> Voice (16/11/2012 11:07:26 AM)

Elias Toufexis for Jensen!

dgribble -> This could Work! (16/11/2012 1:15:13 PM)

What they need to do is cast either Christian Bale; or Elias Toufexis would actually work in live action too.

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