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Empire Admin -> Street Fighter X Tekken Vita (15/11/2012 4:27:30 PM)

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jncorbett -> Street Fighter X Tekken (18/11/2012 3:55:14 PM)

I find your criticising of the controls confusing, given that you praised the previous installments of Street Fighter (IV and Super) so highly and they basically have identical controls, albeit with a few extras for this one for the new tag moves, but I'd hardly call those fiddly.

My thoughts on this game are that it's the best Street Fighter game to date. For the Vita version, a lot of the controversy regarding the on-disc DLC for the console versions has been addressed as you get all the extra characters and some extra costumes included in the box. If you own the PS3 version too (great for side-by-side multiplayer if you have both versions!!!) then the voucher for the aforementioned DLC is included in the box. Personally I think all the DLC should have been included, and the Gems system is perhaps not as good as Capcom would have you believe, but for me this is the best fighting game of the current generation.

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