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Your Funny Uncle -> End Of Watch (14/11/2012 10:04:14 AM)

I saw a preview screening of End of Watch yesterday. I wasn't expecting much past your average cop buddy movie with a down to earth feel and style like David Ayers S.W.A.T and Training Day. What I got was a new take on the genre, a gritty, violent portrayal of a cops duty in South Central. The main message of the film is essentially 'Don't fuck with the Po-lice" and it's done in a style that sets this apart from your average cop buddy movie.

You warm to Brian (Jake Gyllenhaal) and Mike (Michael Peņa) from the start and there are very touching emotional scenes scattered amongst the action and violence. With great supporting actors such as Anna Kendrick and Frank Grillo you are always immersed in the world set before you, the 'handheld camera' in the main part isn't distracting but 'shaky camera' does seem to have been a little over used in parts and it could have done with being reigned in a little but that style is part of what makes this movie so different from others in it's genre.

Four stars from me [:)]

Hobbitonlass -> RE: End Of Watch (14/11/2012 10:09:28 AM)

Excellent! Looking forward to this one [:D]

UTB -> RE: End Of Watch (14/11/2012 1:10:36 PM)

Looking forward to this. Might even drag my ass to the cinema for it.

Indio -> RE: End Of Watch (14/11/2012 1:27:28 PM)

Saw this at the London Film Festival a month or so back and really enjoyed it. Not sure about the whole handheld camera filming thing, it took a while to get into and had pretty much been forgotten by the end, but Gyllenhaal and Pena have a great chemistry, and thankfully it's not yet another film about LA cops on the take. Not sure about having the main villain of the piece being called Big Evil though, his performance wasn't exactly subtle to start with and then having that name is maybe too much icing on the cake , it's one step away from Dick Dastardly territory...

film man aidy -> RE: End Of Watch (14/11/2012 4:26:43 PM)

THE cop drama of the last few years. The found footage element isn't the entire runtime, and proves very immersive. Superb performances, especially form the two leads who have a great chemistry together.
If you thought Skyfall had the monopoly on gasp inducing scenes from the audience, wait until you see this (you'll know when they come...)
Believe William Friedken when he says this could be the best cop movie ever made...
Having seen this in Toronto, and assuming there are no cuts in the UK, this has a highly graphic content, and doesn't remotely glamourise LA's gang culture. Very tough.
Empire was criticism of underwritten villans is well off the mark. 'Big Evil' featured in this is all the more scary because he just is. There are some just truely bad people out there, and his character personifies that. He doesn't need a backstory or motivation.
This deserves to have a wide audience, and absloutely should be seen on the big screen. It will definately lose some impact on dvd.

***** Unless The Master or The Hobbit prove otherwise, my film of the year.

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