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marlo -> How about..... (14/11/2012 3:47:04 PM)

Kevin Smith

magnusdaz -> bryan singer (14/11/2012 9:04:10 PM)

get bryan singer, can do franchise and big budget and actors want to work with him

Schnorbitz -> RE: (15/11/2012 1:22:52 AM)



Here's another name for the Wildcard list - Joe Cornish!


mclane1 -> please not Favreau (15/11/2012 6:18:06 AM)

hes a poor director, iron man 1 and 2, cowboys and aliens- nothing very special at all, very overated. Infact he directed the only superhero movie where the superhero is less interesting than his true identity.

jazzyjules63 -> Neill Blomkamp (15/11/2012 7:37:52 AM)

I second Neill Blomkamp. Above all we need a director who can show some self restraint with regards to digital effects. What Lucas delivered with the last 3 movies were practically animated movies.

danielthompson99 -> Peter Jackson (15/11/2012 10:46:53 AM)

No mention of Star Wars greatest rival ?

spamfiend -> Not a chance it will happen (15/11/2012 11:40:18 AM)

Whilst I like millions of others have been and probably will be an uber Star Wars geek, does anyone actually think they can get a Star Wars movie into cinemas in a little over 2 years??

Scripts need writing, then re-writing, casting, production design, filming, editing and even the SFX work tell me we are at least 2014/15 before a reasonable movie can be made.

They haven't even earmarked a director yet, and to me that is the most important thing at the moment so they can oversee the entire pre-production process.

If I am wrong, I will eat Jar Jar Binks!!!

criffle -> Matthew Vaughn or Guillermo Del Toro (16/11/2012 8:25:59 AM)

are my two choices. Vaughn is great at creating well made popcorn flicks with a fresh feel and good action scenes, as proven by Kick Ass and X-men First Class. Whereas Del Toro is one of the greatest fantasy directors of modern times, he'd be great for the visuals and creatures that inhabit the world of Star Wars, and he also has a good eye for action scenes. It would be good retribution for him after leaving The Hobbit films.

Bottom line - they both have more talent in their pinkies than the hack that is George Lucas. They can't go wrong with either choice.

Diogo23 -> (16/11/2012 9:14:04 AM)

What about Rian Johnson? I know he's only made three movies, but he made a great job with Looper and I think he could do great things with Star Wars.

Dr Science -> TARTAKOVSKY (16/11/2012 2:11:00 PM)

I can't believe he's not at least a wild card. Some epsiodes of Samurai Jack are truly epic and the cinematic flourishes are pure class - he's obviously a true student of the craft: there are homages to Leone, Kurosawa, Lean, Scott, Spielberg, Miyazaki... There's a reason why he was picked for the original Clone Wars series.

Having said that my money is strongly on Joe Kosinski.

billypunk -> (18/11/2012 6:59:23 PM)

I think Malcolm Tucker should direct it

MB2 -> (19/11/2012 3:35:08 PM)

Rian Johnson, we need a high tech grungy look.

Notmyrealusername -> you missed Martin Campbell (19/11/2012 9:04:06 PM)

the man resuscitated Bond twice, hes certainly got the action chops

buttrough -> Ron Howard (21/11/2012 9:53:12 PM)

At least let him do any narrating in the film. "It's arrested development".

Litshttam -> D'oh! (23/11/2012 6:47:15 PM)

David 'SFX cameraman-on-RotJ / uber-director' Fincher, anyone?

Ben Myers -> Matthew Vaughn (28/11/2012 12:11:28 PM)

Well it looks all but confirmed that Ep VII will indeed be directed by Mr Vaughn. Thanks Jason Flemying!

Electric Shepard -> Edger (5/12/2012 1:34:53 AM)

what! no mention of Edger Wright? Simon Pegg could play a Gungan.

Nicky C -> Kathryn Bigelow! (7/1/2013 5:10:36 PM)

SW 7 needs tension, and lots of it. The prequels are so pedestrian. We're going over here ... now we're going over here ... oh wait, I left the gas on, we'd best go back to Tattooine ... let's stop off at Kashyyyk for some milk and a scrap. I would have also said Gareth Evans (f*ck me, The Raid is tense, eh?) but obviously he's not up for it, as we can see above. Failing that, Joe Kosinski, but only if someone else approves the script first because the script for Tron:Legacy was what took it down from fantastic to slightly disappointing. But ... f*cking 'ell ... the man gives great visuals.

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