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Empire Admin -> Anchorman 2 Could Be Part Musical (13/11/2012 10:18:26 AM)

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burtbondy -> Leave It Out (13/11/2012 10:18:26 AM)

The sing a longs aint funny.

DanTDavies -> (13/11/2012 11:40:39 AM)

afternoon delight....

Afternoon delight

officerMarc -> Re: Leave It Out (13/11/2012 11:56:56 AM)

Then you don't have a sense of humour. Afternoon delight was brilliant.

jobloffski -> RE: Re: Leave It Out (13/11/2012 5:51:46 PM)

Liked Afternoon Delight because it came out of the blue, and when it was over they just carried on the conversation as if it hadn;t happened.

Not sure about full blown musical numbers, though. Boats and Hos from Step Brothers video shown to others in film, yes, because as with AD, it was the ludicrousness of it that provides the comedy.

Then again, fantasy sequence based musical sections can allow stuff to be shown visually that would otherwise not be possible even in the context of not strictly realistic comedy setting.

Damn, just be funny, Do that, then whatever is tried has worked. And, given that it was the period setting of the original that allowed the sexism of the past to be the basis for the comedy, for people of the present, it;s probably best to not try to update Ron and co, but to, I don;t know, have them still completely stuck in the old ways of doing things regardless of technological changes. Maybe even have it so their super powered lunkheaded sexism has not only kept them vital compared with bland identikit corporate news channels (nobody does it like us/I'm not sure anybody ever did/We did, didn't we? I'm sure I remember us doing it quite a lot like us) it also has somehow made them able to not age significantly since the seventies.

Random imaginary scene (excuse the rambling, silly mood)

RON: WE stay ever youthful due to the Power of MAN. And this! And never mind Sex Panther, this is a whole Sex animal kingdom. Behind Bars. A Sex Zoo. Yeah! A sex zoo, ready to break out and implausibly result in animals helping each other on a journey home, where half of them then proceed to eat the other half because let's face it, in a crisis, maybe, but not forever, Zebras and lions, they're just not meant to be friends(collapse)

Are you all right, Ron? Ron?

What happened?

Someone told him about internet porn

Oh God, no...

RON:(Wakes up)Ladies! Not dressed, not a stitch, don't you understand? LADIES!!!! Slightly weirdly downstairs hair free LADIES!!!!

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