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SteveCameron -> Movie Mastermind (12/11/2012 12:56:30 PM)

Dear Empire.
I have just counted the number of folk who have competed in Movie Mastermind - 52.
Of which just 5 are female.
Is your apparent sexism intentional?
Kind regards

Helen OHara -> RE: Movie Mastermind (14/11/2012 2:49:55 PM)

Yes, we hate women.

Chris Hewitt -> RE: Movie Mastermind (14/11/2012 2:52:46 PM)

Yes Steve, we constantly turn down interviewees for Movie Mastermind if they're women. As Helen said, women scare and repulse u... wait a minute, Helen's a woman! BEGONE, FOUL CREATURE!

On the other hand, Steve, it's entirely possible that you're looking too hard for a conspiracy. Still, thanks for signing up just to accuse us of a nonsense.

SteveCameron -> RE: Movie Mastermind (26/11/2012 10:50:12 AM)

It was just an observation, not a complaint. And huge thanks for replying (I am honoured as it was my one and only post since I joined 8 years ago...apart from this one now of course).

Alas I see you have another bloke in issue 283 (Jan 2013? Happy new year)

The statistics speak for themselves with now just 9% female participants.

Even arch bloke Jeremy Clarkson has more women driving a reasonably priced car (24 out of 159 = 15%)

Kind regards



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