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indytim -> David Fincher To Direct Star Wars Episode VII? (9/11/2012 11:05:30 PM)

Part 2: George Lucas and Kathleen Kennedy: Getting Started on the New Star Wars Films

In this video (click the link above) Kathleen Kennedy talks about wanting to bring in "... writers and directors that I've worked with in the past ...". So, that would be David Fincher, which would be awesome and possible now that Disney have put his project '20,000 Leagues Under The Sea' on the back burner having being burnt by 'John Carter', and M Night Shyamalan, which MUST NOT HAPPEN!!! Jeez! Anyone who has seen 'The Last Airbender' knows he would be a disastrous choice. I would love to see David Fincher make a Star Wars movie, especially if he cast Rooney 'Dragon Tattoo' Mara as a female Jedi.

And if you think Fincher may be a bit sniffy about Star Wars this is what he had to say about the franchise in December last year whilst promoting 'The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo' ... (this is his response to being asked 'Star Wars or Star Trek?' ... ďStar Wars. Empire. Itís the only answer. I appreciate Star Wars; itís an amazing accomplishment, it is an A+. I think Empireís an A++ because itís one of those movies where it was, remember, it was my senior year of high school in the summer. When I saw that George Lucas was going to do the AT-ATs on baking soda with stop-motion and he was going to turn a pivotal character over to Frank Oz and he was going to play it as a Muppet, I thought, ďThis fucking guy has balls, man.Ē Itís unreal the risks that he will take in order to tell us his story. And the fact that it comes off so well, that itís so deftly done, is just the ultimate to me, the cobbling together of all of these magical disciplines to make this thing that is so much greater than the sum of its parts. Thatís spectacular. The cast is spectacular, everybody works well, itís fun, itís crazy good. Crazy good entertainment, amazing cinema.Ē

elab49 -> RE: David Fincher To Direct Star Wars Episode VII? (9/11/2012 11:18:03 PM)

There is an extensive discussion on the theories for the who where what, but sadly not why, in Future Films. [:)]

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