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Empire Admin -> Safety Not Guaranteed (7/11/2012 10:18:54 PM)

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tommyinglis -> Lucky enough to see it (7/11/2012 10:18:54 PM)

And can I say it's in my top 5 this year. It's smart and funny, but at the same time strangely touching. The script is golden and I expect it to become a cult classic. Empire: better give it at least 4 stars.

Coyleone -> RE: Lucky enough to see it (11/11/2012 3:35:56 AM)

Absolutely brilliant little flick. Genuinely funny, touching and uplifting. Easily one of the best of the year, and certainly the most enjoyable. Haven't had that bigger smile on my face when the credits rolled (apart from TDKR) since Drive last year. Absolutely loved it.

Will Munny -> RE: Lucky enough to see it (11/11/2012 12:09:34 PM)

I really liked it! not a single second is wasted, this is a genuine example of good directing and editing, the actors are good - Aubrey Plaza over all I'd say - and the story is constantly fluctuating from droll to moving and thoughtful. So many times we see movies where an unconventional but tiny piece of inspiration reveals itself too weak to sustain an entire film, well I guess it's hard to imagine it tinier than a classifed ad like this and even harder to write a better screenplay out of it, everyone involved in this small gem deserves thumbs up [sm=happy34.gif]

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