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Empire Admin -> Sean Connery Was Considered For Skyfall (7/11/2012 6:51:08 PM)

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clarkkent -> (7/11/2012 6:51:08 PM)

I'm glad this didn't happen. It would have been weird, crossing the streams like that.

Scruffybobby -> RE: (7/11/2012 7:04:44 PM)

It's a good thing this didn't happen. As awesome as the idea of a Connery cameo would have been - especially in the Finney role. It would have killed the film. Would have been great to hear Big Tam call Craig a "jumped up little shit" though.

matty_b -> RE: RE: (7/11/2012 7:31:04 PM)

Thank god that didn't happen.

musht -> RE: RE: (7/11/2012 8:01:45 PM)

I'm also glad this didn't happen although I think they should have got an actor who would at least attempt a Scottish accent

Boringbond -> (7/11/2012 9:17:22 PM)

He was in a cameo role. I was there at Greenwich College, but they chopped the whole funeral scene. As it was Connery's birthday, the american AD thought it would be funny if we all burst out laughing as the hearse's went past during one take. We duly did, it was not funny and Mr Connery wasn't impressed. I thought it would have been a strange thing to do, mixing past and present.

In the end, what a poor letdown of a film that couldn't even see the basic plot line carried through! What happened to the HDD that went missing? Nobody seems to care...

waltham1979 -> Love you Empire... (8/11/2012 9:13:37 AM)

...but I never like these stories; its a bit like when I go home from work occasionally and I say to the other half "Hey I was going to buy you some flowers but I didn't in the end" expecting a thanks...her usually reply is "Hey I would have given you the good love tonight if you had done that, but I wont have to in the end now". Seems a bit pointless??

Cameron1975Williams -> Why not consider him cameo as the old 007? (8/11/2012 9:46:00 AM)

That's something they should do with the story. Reference the fact that Craig's character isn't the first man to be 007. I think it would be fun to see a cameo from any of the other Bond's. Maybe have a scene in Craig's last movie where he hands over the baton to the new guy.

Cool Breeze -> RE: Why not consider him cameo as the old 007? (8/11/2012 10:28:31 PM)

Pity it didn't happen.Would have been fun to see James Bond in a James Bond movie again.

Darth Marenghi -> RE: Sean Connery Was Considered For Skyfall (9/11/2012 12:09:31 AM)

I'm disappointed it was even considered. Thank goodness Mendes was able to get his way, reading between the lines it sounds like a producer's idea not his own.

BenTramer -> Nobody Does It Better (9/11/2012 4:08:56 AM)

I've often thought there could be a scenario where someone is bumping off all the double-0 agents and Daniel Craig goes to warn Sean Connery. Cut to the golf course, Connery takes his shot, looks up, sees Daniel Craig and says: "What do YOU want?" That would be amusing, then you could have some banter between them, but I think Connery is done with movies. He had such a bad experience on League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, it ruined movies for him and I hate director Stephen Norrington for that.

Preben Kjaerulff -> Finishing In (26/11/2012 8:30:51 PM)

When I saw the movie here in Denmark, it actually occured to me in the cinema chair how brilliant it would have been, if exactly Sean Connery had this role.
It would be the finishing line on a great movie with a string of references back in time. What a Shame! - but I undertand, that Connery dos'nt want any cooperation with the producers...

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