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elfzooey -> The Grandmaster (Full Length) Trailer (6/11/2012 12:03:19 PM)


rich -> RE: The Grandmaster (Full Length) Trailer (6/11/2012 10:51:46 PM)

Another one? Ah why not, Tony Leung is usually good after all.

AxlReznor -> RE: The Grandmaster (Full Length) Trailer (29/8/2013 7:43:16 PM)

So I've just been reading about how the American cut of The Grandmaster (as is custom for The Weinstein Company) is 25 minutes shorter than the original cut, sidelining Zhang Ziyi's character to a support role instead of a co-lead, and adding borderline insulting intertitles and subtitles explaining what's going on to people.

Is it too much to ask that when this movie eventually gets released in the UK, we might be given the option of seeing the original cut, like how the original 2-part version of Red Cliff was released as a special edition over here?

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