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Empire Admin -> Latest Lincoln Trailer Online (6/11/2012 9:39:49 AM)

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El-Branden Brazil -> Looks great! (6/11/2012 9:39:49 AM)

Can't wait to see this.

antosh25 -> Oscar Bate !!!!!!!!! (6/11/2012 12:09:03 PM)

Its all about single character performances in this film.

Nicky C -> I absolutely must see this film immediately. (9/11/2012 2:36:31 PM)

But it's not over here until January. FML.

magicmat -> (9/11/2012 3:16:01 PM)

...but where are the vampires? #disappointed

Dogma -> RE: (13/11/2012 7:33:18 AM)

Hey guys, I saw this film a few hours ago.

Go and see for wonderful acting, a great script, and fine filmmaking, but not if you want 100% historical truth. It's again a film that chooses to glorify a person who was far from perfect. Lincoln is shown as being 99% perfect. He makes one "bad" comment during the movie, and even that's lost if you're not fully paying attention.

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