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Empire Admin -> Amour (4/11/2012 6:02:57 PM)

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Le Duc -> The disciplined iceman (4/11/2012 6:02:57 PM)

Having lived master ozu simple warmth, enjoyed the heavenly satsuko hara smile, I was simply outraged by this film. Slapping an infirm life long companion , then strangling her, finally leaving her to rot in bed, has nothing to do with Amour. It is a horrible crime. Any husband would cater for his wife wishes up to a certain stage, where he , as a man of the house should take control , an decide what is is not about Who is right, it's What is Right. The director restricted and forbid the following:
1: sharing of any past ,love or intimate experience , in any dialog. No warm flash back.
2: crying, praying, shouting to god and friends for help, etc..
3:music, except a short and cut passage, deprived of any warmth.
4: god, religious belief, social ties.
5: French hot blood behaviors a la francaise!
Strict military discipline, in every what is Amour?
We saw it in most of this movie until the concierge said:Chapeau bas! I quite agreed and was curious to follow up on the event. Then Catastrophy! Dr Hide appeared and gave us a lesson in Diabolical love, where the weak and infirm are put to death! By Amour of course!
Having seen the preacher household in White Ribbon, I suddenly felt that we are now back in this town, not in Paris.
So beware, if you get old and sick, and you love each other, that could be bad for your health!
It is clear, that the director view on love and the way he sees the culmination of life long bonding, is dark, subjective, it is the Exception and will never be the Rule.
The funny thing, I believe that he knows it! That is why the only way to sneak Dr Hide, he needed a Trojan Horse: he used French term Amour, and French actors, whom by the way both deserve at least an Oscar for their superb performances.
I am going to see the Road Home, young Ziyi beautiful Amour film, as a sure and quick antidote.
I believe , that the severity of this movie got many critics at first sight, but I am sure that by the day , the real Amour w

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