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Empire Admin -> Star Wars Episode VII (3/11/2012 10:09:44 AM)

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Joveie -> feeling positive! (3/11/2012 10:09:44 AM)

There has been a bit of negative reaction to Disney buying LucasFilm, but in truth it is a positive. They allowed Pixar and Marvel to get on with business, with great results and I'm sure they will do the same with Star Wars.
If we get anything that is better than the prequil films and is maybe based on something like the Dark Empire comic trilogy, I'll be very happy!

homersimpson_esq -> RE: feeling positive! (3/11/2012 6:33:51 PM)

...well, this is awkward...

rich -> RE: feeling positive! (3/11/2012 10:40:42 PM)

Go on, lock the other one you know you want to [:D]

JohnMcClane81 -> More please... (6/11/2012 1:49:06 PM)

Empire. Think about it. Empire. Your name is in honour of the greatest part II to become part V in history.. Still with me?? :) I demand, no, we all demand that you spill blood to bring us news every hour every day until we know who is directing, starring and even who's going to be folding the chairs on set every evening!!! I am 31 next month, and I am comfortable with my level's of excitement for this being off the chart. So far you guys have been brilliant with the updates, keep em coming please...

homersimpson_esq -> RE: More please... (6/11/2012 8:54:06 PM)

While ordinarily user-generated threads are locked in favour of Empire-generated threads, since the existing thread is at 15 pages already, it makes sense to continue the discussion there.

Please visit to add your thoughts on 2015's Star Wars - Episode VII film.

imnotgay -> LEAKED (23/8/2015 11:18:52 PM)

Leaked right here wow

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