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daveyhd -> Magazine Price Hike (31/10/2012 7:33:29 PM)

Hey guys, just wondering if anyone else experienced a fairly substantial price hike in the new issue (Hobbit Covers)?

Im not sure what the cost is in 's but normally i pay 6.15 a month and this month was shocket to find that it now cost 7.65, a price hike in the region of 25%. I asked the newsagent if this was right but the girl working there just shrugged and said the price already comes on them.

Im not complaining, if thats the new cost so be it, im just wondering if it was an error on the part of my newsagent??

There are no other shops locally that stock it as i live in rural Ireland so I've no comparison only from you guys.

Anyway, thanks for listening, all feedback appreciated!!!

RichB77 -> RE: Magazine Price Hike (1/11/2012 9:36:34 AM)

"Please rest assured that the price increase to 4.99 is for this month only. We wanted to do something really special and collectable to celebrate the release of the Hobbit. However, as with most things really special and collectable, this meant putting the price up on this milestone edition. We think the results are more than worth this one-off increase and hope you do too. We can assure you that Empire will be back to its usual 3.99 from the next issue."

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