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Empire Admin -> Assassinís Creed III (30/10/2012 5:04:07 PM)

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blaud -> Same Old Shit, Different Game (29/11/2012 12:46:56 PM)

Let's get the good out of the way first- the game looks sterling. And I mean, 'sterling'. Animations are fluid, graphics are gorgeous, and free running has been improved with edition of the ability to sprint through the trees. Now, where it all falls apart.... is pretty much everywhere else. Have you ever played an Assassin's Creed game? Any of them? Yes? Well, you don't need to bother playing this one then. It's the same old tired game, the same old mechanics, the same old packaging. The character of Connor is an uninteresting, uninspired, grey-cloaked berk who we have to follow through an equally uninteresting campaign that takes up roughly 38% of your gameplay experience, but you can do side quests, if you can be bothered. The story is utterly ridiculous, but that's always been a staple of the series, and history buffs will get a kick out of seeing the signing of the bill of rights, but in the end the story is second to the gameplay. Cutscenes are very frequent and tedious, with voice acting competent but nothing special. Bizarrely, for a game with 'Assassin' in the title, you won't spend as much time as you'd like killing people silently. Most time is spent going from one side of the map to the other, or doing one of the countless pointless busywork missions, such as chasing people and naval missions. Playing as Desmond has been fleshed out a bit and some of the scenarios are quite entertaining, but it's still just busywork. I'd hazard a guess that out of the 100% story, at least 60% are pure padding. And to be honest, the final section of the game as Desmond is total fodder. On top of all this, glitches and bugs are rife, as well as monstrously unintuitive freerunning direction, which is incredibly frustrating when one mistake can mean the failure of a mission. Ultimately, it's not a terrible game- the core gameplay of the series is still there and if you find that appealing, you'll probably enjoy this. I just have a real problem when a games studio charge me &

bereski -> 5 star my ass (30/11/2012 3:11:25 PM)

empire please don't make fool of yourself

chocolade -> RE: 5 star my ass (27/12/2012 8:03:47 AM)

I think Assasins Creed is great. I really like that Connor not only fights for independent but also takes care for his people.

chocolade -> Love it! (11/1/2013 1:18:58 PM)

For me - it's the best of Assassins serie. I like its storyline, graphics and generally everything :P

morphie -> It ain't Ezio... (13/3/2013 12:40:48 PM)

I don't know if I'm overly biased, but I found AC3 to be quite disappointing after the scope, characterization and scale of the Ezio trilogy. The pace was a lot slower, there were lots of little glitches and I found the characters to be very dull and 1 dimensional. Yes there were plenty of side missions and free roaming but I didn't really care. There wasn't the emotional attachment I felt with Ezio; Connor wasn't a sympathetic character, I didn't really care about him and although I applaud Ubisoft for moving to a totally different setting to the previous outing, it didn't really work. Haytham was dull, Connor was just boring and even the old mentor, Achilles, is a bit of a lame duck.

Bottom line: The vista are beautiful but there's no emotional involvement. Sorry Ubisoft, I really wanted to like this but I don't. Hope Black Flag is better - all fingers crossed!

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