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Empire Admin -> Alternative Horror Movie Posters (30/10/2012 4:14:05 PM)

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alsybroth -> Here's some extra suggestions (30/10/2012 4:14:05 PM)

Evil Dead - Boomstick
Hellraiser - The Configuration Box
Saw - Rusty Hacksaw
The Exorcist - Crucifix
Braindead - Lawnmower
From Dusk Till Dawn - The Codpiece Gun
Predator - The shoulder cannon

edjones95 -> (30/10/2012 4:27:38 PM)

Man, I really want The Shining and Shaun of the Dead posters. Also here are some other ideas The mallet from Misery, The box from Se7en (I know its not really a weapon but still...)

tommyinglis -> Shaun of the Dead (30/10/2012 5:34:29 PM)

When I saw the names of the posters I tried to guess the weapon that would be up, and when Shaun came up I thought it would be the records or the pool cues. Just a thought.

mike87 -> posters (30/10/2012 6:04:00 PM)

I would actually buy these. You should have released them as mini A4 posters with your October edition. How about an ice axe for The Descent.

SDHoneymonster -> (30/10/2012 8:02:38 PM)

I would gladly buy the Audition one, hint hint Empire. Although I'd probably be hearing 'kiri kiri kiri' as I tried to sleep...

burtbondy -> They All Look The Same (31/10/2012 10:19:14 AM)

I came in here expecting a horror poster tribute.

Mr.President -> (31/10/2012 11:29:26 AM)

Me wants the Audition poster!!

Pelle -> (31/10/2012 1:42:44 PM)

Eden Lake - car tire, gassoline and lighter
Eden Lake - Box knife
Hostel - every household tool you could possibly come up with
Cannibal Holocaust - cannibal
Suspiria - barb wire

sportyrich2000 -> (1/11/2012 6:55:35 AM)

To be honest I was expecting clever twists ala Olly Moss but got silhouettes of weapons on coloured backgrounds, dare I say, a little boring. However I had never realised that Freddy's glove didn;t have a thumb knife so that was interesting.

jodybriggs -> hmmm.... (1/11/2012 12:22:25 PM)

gotta agree, pretty uninspired. i thought the freddy one might have just been an intro into cleverer territory but no, a pretty dull collection to be honest.

Popcorn Required -> Would make a great series of DVD slipcases (2/11/2012 9:58:43 AM)

They'd make a great series of DVD/Blu ray slip cases. Probably not to be sold in shops because of all the different distributors involved agreeing to fund new artwork, but if you made them into slipcases that could be purchased through this website for people who already owned the DVD or Blu ray. It would also negate having to add the BBFC rating

guysalisbury -> What a strange feature (2/11/2012 1:23:46 PM)

Have to agree with some of the below comments. These are pretty cool but ultimately very uninspiring. Looks like a bit of a rush job. Where are the top Horror characters we voted for recently? I thought that pole would have been released on Halloween. Still love you Empire.

blues_x_man -> (3/11/2012 1:25:16 PM)

Hows about Hostel - Blowtourch, Hitch Hiker - Truck?

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