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Empire Admin -> Empire's Skyfall Spoiler Podcast (29/10/2012 3:16:24 PM)

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TomBennett71 -> Skyfall Review (29/10/2012 3:16:24 PM)

James Bond, famously antipathetic towards bureaucrats, nearly succumbed to the entropy of MGM's financial troubles, and Skyfall was in the freezer for two years until it emerged from the shadow of bankruptcy. Quite how the studio behind cinema's second biggest golden goose could find itself collecting coupons from magazines is entirely beyond me. What I do know is that the Commander's latest expedition of self-loathing and violence is a spectacular success. It is that rare thing- a reinvention that is actually inventive; and a homage to its serial identity, that doesn't wallow in its own history like Miss Havisham sadly thumbing through her scrapbooks....

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agent cooper -> (29/10/2012 7:54:38 PM)

These guys are a bunch of dicks and clearly have no clue about Bond, makes me want to cancel my subscription to this overrated publication and would have fucking hurt to give it 5 stars hey Empire, bunch, find someone who can speak about Bond with intelleigence.

marlowe9 -> (30/10/2012 6:26:48 PM)

Dan Jolin is full of almost-correct Bond facts. It's funny listening to so many informed mistakes [:P]
Love the Denchmark pun!

eli_friendly -> Shanghai Scene (31/10/2012 2:36:10 PM)

The other thing about the Shanghai sequence is the nod to "Road To Perdition". Daniel Craig's Bond is hidden by a reflection on glass. Similar to *the* murder scene in Road To Perdition.....Also with Daniel Craig.... And directed by Mendes to boot!

bill the butcher -> i LOVE britt ekland (31/1/2013 4:32:35 AM)

she makes me laugh
and if you watch
SKY ARTS this week at 5am saturday morning
herself and brigitte neilsen have a mental funny chat
about life fame and being married to stars

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