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MartinN2725 -> Game Reviews (26/10/2012 10:35:26 AM)

Last time I checked Empire was supposed to be a magazine about Films.

Couldn't help but notice that more & more game reviews/previews seem to be cropping up. Now fair enough, I've got no problem if they are tied into a film, but if they aren't - what are they doing in Empire? The book section is all film related & music section is just for soundtracks, why should it be any different for games?

Rant over!

RichB77 -> RE: Game Reviews (28/10/2012 11:15:49 AM)

Ironically Sleeping Dogs - a game which is heavily-influenced by Hong Kong cinema, and features Emma Stone, Tom Wilkinson and Lucy Liu amongst the voice cast - has never been reviewed!

HarryAngel -> RE: Game Reviews (29/10/2012 9:46:32 AM)

I agree, I have no interest in games and always skip that section of the magazine. It does seem out of kilter with the rest of the content.

i_nesbot -> RE: Game Reviews (30/10/2012 12:00:21 PM)

i agree completely! just because we like films we like computer games too? lazy from Empire.
if anything, yes, they should have Movie related games, but also maybe the best movie merchandise, toys, etc too?

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