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Empire Admin -> King Of Devil's Island (26/10/2012 3:10:07 AM)

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bill the butcher -> i might watch it (26/10/2012 3:10:07 AM)

i love Stellan Skarsgard i have seen all his performances INSOMNIA dogville A SOMEWHAT GENTLE MAN girl dragon tattoo i even like his cameo in AMISTAD but this movie is gonna be hard to watch it sounds like that de niro drama SLEEPERS (that was one sad disgusting film)

RJNeb2 -> Arresting stuff (8/10/2015 12:10:46 AM)

In 1915 the Norwegian prison island of Bastoy saw a rebellion from its teenage inmates that was swiftly quelled. This involving and evocatively made film tells us why the prisoners revolted, revealing the harsh conditions that they lived in. The bleak wintry background is acutely observed, so you can almost feel the cold yourself. Well played by its young cast, old guard Skarsgaard has a sympathetic role as the understanding but powerless warden.

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