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Empire Admin -> Casa De Mi Padre (22/10/2012 5:56:07 PM)

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Phubbs -> Casa de Mi Padre (22/10/2012 5:56:07 PM)

Casa de Mi Padre

Yet another Will Ferrell flick but this one has been kinda overlooked or missed completely in all honesty. A spoof of the classic tacky soap opera genre in a Mexican western setting, in Spanish with English subs right the way through.

Straight away the thought of subs almost puts you off really, this isn't a foreign epic where you look over that fact. The problem being this is suppose to be a parody of the soap opera genre, albeit Spanish/Latin American, and it really does feel like your watching a shitty soap opera.

So much so that it really is quite dull for most of the time, the subs don't help and the plot is damn thin. Personally I can't stand the whole Mexican/Spanish western concept so I dunno why I watched this really, probably because I didn't realize it was subs all the way through and I thought it would be more funny.

That's the other problem, the film isn't funny a tall. There are very few moments that made me smile, mainly the few bits which are clearly badly filmed with models or sets...filmed like that deliberately of course, spoof remember.

The finale with a reasonable mock shoot up is quite good fun, nothing outstanding, you could easily just watch that and forget the rest. Like many films from the 'SNL' team this idea would work much better as a sketch or simple trailer parody like Tarantino has made popular. As a full length film, even at 1h 20min, its just boring and annoyingly Spanish.

Timbzy -> RE: Casa de Mi Padre (22/10/2012 6:45:10 PM)

Awfully unfunny.

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