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Wild about Wilder -> You've Been Trumped (22/10/2012 11:49:09 AM)

Don't know if anyone else got to see this on BBC2 Sunday night, it was the story of a group of Aberdeenshire homeoners & their battle against Billionaire (Hair for Men[;)]) Tycoon "The" Donald Trump over his proposed $1 Billion golf complex which saw him destroying the natural wildlife trying to get compolsery purchase orders to have these homes knocked down so he could take their land by using any means nacessary including using the Scottish Government after being rejected by the Local Council & having the Police forcibly detain the film maker & have his workmen what in all reality was RAPE! the land just to make a resort for "The Donald!" only to be stopped in his path by these brave little band of ordinary people (well I say ordinary one was former Clash producer Mickey Foote.)
Great Documentry which just went to show that in Donald Trump we truly get to see the true meaning of THE UGLY AMERICAN![:@]
4/5 For this real life version of Local Hero let's hope it has the same happy ending.

OPEN YOUR EYES -> RE: You've Been Trumped (22/10/2012 7:07:50 PM)

Just finished watching this documentary and it really does pull at the heart strings for your total sympathies towards the locals but it also gives you a feeling of total disgust at Trump and more importantly the Scottish parliament for granting such ludicrous plans (But I suppose they got enough money under the counter).

This Film has merely highlighted the power of fame,wealth and a f*cking Bulldozer and what can be achieved even in the most ludicrous situations.

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