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Empire Admin -> Resident Evil 6 (20/10/2012 12:16:18 AM)

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blaud -> A Disaster For Fans, A Mediocre Action Game For Everyone Else (20/10/2012 12:16:18 AM)

How did this happen? Who let this happen? The framework was laid perfectly with the sublime re4, and then remixed to give the only marginally less-good 5, so how, exactly, has 6 strayed so far from the direction only one installment back. Basically, there are 4 playable campaigns (one unlocked when the other 3 have been completed). The first of the main campaigns concerns Leon and his partner. This is a monotonous and unexciting story that is perhaps closest in spirit to the games preceding it. Adventuring is not the order of the day, as you are bottlenecked down various paths where nothing is a surprise and nothing is exciting. The second campaign is Chris's, which is a cover-shooter a la Gears Of War, but without an intuitive cover mechanic. The third is newcomer Jake, which is pretty much scripted events and quick time segments, which get tired pretty quickly. The story itself is very resi, which is good, but the implementation of the setpieces make the game feel like a Michael Bay movie on meth. Hardly a section goes by without something massive exploding or a building toppling over. The addition of a manually controlled camera makes for uneasy over-the-shoulder gameplay, and the brainless puzzles are no longer even remotely clever, just hilariously predictable. Graphically, the game isn't ugly, and the cutscenes look outstanding, but there is a fair amount of texture pop in. Voice acting is typical of the series, with cheesy but acceptable dialogue. The crushing blow here is, ultimately, the gameplay, which is poorly realized, with too many boss battles, too many fodder enemies, and waaaaaaaay too many quick time events. Trust me, the fun you have in the first hour will decline rapidly as frustration takes over, and the £40 you had is now scratch. Disappointing.

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