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Empire Admin -> Argo (19/10/2012 1:27:45 AM)

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movienut707 -> 'Argo' doesn't pack quite the punch that The Town did. (19/10/2012 1:27:45 AM)

Having loved both The Town and Gone Baby Gone, I made sure I saw Argo in theaters. Personally, I felt it was less mature (or seasoned, for lack of a better word) than The Town. I don't mean to be negative. On a positive note, I enjoyed the film and look forward to Ben Affleck's future efforts.

ElephantBoy -> RE: 'Argo' doesn't pack quite the punch that The Town did. (22/10/2012 9:49:30 PM)

Its a strong cast, but I wish Affleck didn't have to cast himself once again. Still need to see GBG, but felt the Town was really unremarkable. Maybe this one will convince me that he can have a future as a director.

TheMightyBlackout -> Faster. More intense. (2/11/2012 10:40:10 PM)

Argo is a solid film, although it seems to be as much about making a cheap, knockoff SciFi movie in Hollywood as it does about the intricacies of covert hostage liberation. It's a strong story, very well told, and although it feels like it's lacking in frills occasionally, it's thoroughly engaging in a way that few films manage in 2012.

The only actual downside is Affleck's lapses into sentimentality, and more pertinently, the thick layering of Sweeping Music To Tell You When To Feel Happy™. It's not a deal-breaker, but it lets down an otherwise marvelous experience.

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