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Empire Admin -> The 20 Coolest Stop Motion Monsters (18/10/2012 8:09:42 PM)

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ragamuffin -> (18/10/2012 8:09:42 PM)

What no Chewits monster?!

Vadersville -> (18/10/2012 8:22:31 PM)

No Rancor???

The Equalizer -> (18/10/2012 9:39:21 PM)

What no Brother Numpsay?

djdarrenjames -> RE: (19/10/2012 1:47:30 AM)

Wasn't the Rancor all rod puppetry?


ORIGINAL: Vadersville

No Rancor???

DImperio -> No Kong?! (19/10/2012 9:49:59 AM)

... You mean to tell me NO KONG!?!??!

Seamonkey -> Dragonslayer (19/10/2012 10:53:56 AM)

Vermithrax? I still think he's the best dragon to date (the challenge is on, Smaug!)

CHUFFSTER -> Huh? (19/10/2012 12:13:18 PM)

No T-800 or`Thing`??

CHUFFSTER -> Huh? (19/10/2012 12:15:52 PM)

No T-800 or`Thing`??

CHUFFSTER -> Huh? (19/10/2012 12:16:21 PM)

No T-800 or`Thing`??

CHUFFSTER -> Huh? (19/10/2012 12:17:16 PM)

No T-800 or`Thing`??

CHUFFSTER -> Huh? (19/10/2012 12:19:57 PM)

No T-800 or`Thing`??

Whistler -> RE: Huh? (19/10/2012 12:20:27 PM)



No T-800 or`Thing`??

I was about to be all smart and say the Terminator isn't a monster, then I saw the ED-209...

KraftwerkAreMint -> Ermmm, what about The Gate? (19/10/2012 6:36:09 PM)

Never mind the sodding demon at the end, what about the little nasty fuckers that formed from the falling corpse? David Allen at his finest.

Qexit -> Ray Harryhausen created Creatures not Monsters (19/10/2012 7:22:02 PM)

Just for the record, Ray Harryhausen always made a point of letting people know that his stop motion creations were all creatures or characters. They were never, ever monsters...that label was reserved for the humans who persecuted and usually ended up killing them.

coyoteone -> Good list (20/10/2012 6:09:55 PM)

I would have considered this list bogus if you hadn't included the Beast from 20,000 Fathoms. Oh me of little faith.

But what about the giant Ymir from 20 Million Miles to Earth? He didn't make the cut. He was big and definitely misunderstood.

SUPER_movie_FREAK -> Ray Harryhausen is The Master of stop-motion creatures (23/10/2012 9:57:06 PM)

Awesome list. Glad you included the skeleton battle and even more glad that you included Medusa, which was terrifying when I saw it at 7. But some others to mention:

1. The spidery head thing from errr...The Thing.
2. The Allosaurus from The Valley Of Gwangi.
3. The flying saucers from Earth Vs. The Flying Saucers (not necessarily monsters but they are still fantastic stop-motion effects).
4. The Pirate Captain Skeleton from James & The Giant Peach.
5. The Gremlin-Bat hybrid in Gremlins 2.

chris wootton -> Dragonslayer (24/10/2012 9:20:38 AM)

Yes! Without doubt the finest stop motion ever created. Good shout!

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