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Boyden -> Jump Scares (18/10/2012 6:43:53 PM)

Quite simply, are we seeing an over reliance on jump scares in modern film? I went to see Sinister last week, and thoroughly enjoyed most of it, however I felt there were too many cheap jumps thrown in (especially the last one, you'll agree with me if you've seen it). The best example I can think of to describe the current overuse of jump scares is comparing The Woman In Black 2012, with the original ITV production from 1989. The original production was in my opinion, a superb work of dread captured on film, genuinely frightening in parts, while the new version was jump after jump after jump, often spoiling what could have been great atmosphere (awesome sets).
With Paranormal Activity 4 out this week, can anyone see this changing in the near future? Each film in the series is based on the same premise, ultra quiet static shot followed by a bump in the night (god forbid you actually ever see anything). At what point will it start to wear thin with the public?
Recently I've watched Martyrs, House of the Devil and The Blair Witch Project, all great films that manage to scare you without (too many) cheap tricks. Don't get me wrong I like to jump occasionally, but I think the film industry is taking the easy option, rather than using techniques that past masters like Hitchcock perfected years ago.

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