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Empire Admin -> Sons Of Anarchy: Season 4 (18/10/2012 12:32:54 PM)

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DaveTyler61 -> This is a review? (24/12/2012 3:52:13 PM)

Really? I could have got more info from Amazon or

classic_schizo -> 4 stars??????? (1/2/2013 2:55:21 PM)

Were you guys paid to write this 'review'? I watched the first three seasons in early 2011, and after the third I swore I wouldn't go back. Last weekend I was bored at home so downloaded the fourth season, and got back into it a bit. Gradually though, I remembered why I decided to ditch it. The melodrama, the pretense at HBO drama standards, and above-all the incredulous plots. Everyone apart from the central 3 characters of Jemma, Jax and Clay are cardboard cutouts who only exist in order to serve the needs of this central trio and also the writers themselves. This show is infuriatingly bad. It isn't Shakespeare on Harleys, as you have deemed it in the past. It's Days of Our Lives on Harleys.

Jessica12 -> RE: 4 stars??????? (26/6/2013 4:46:19 AM)

Really enjoyed it and the cast is great.

spamandham -> RE: 4 stars??????? (26/11/2013 10:44:09 PM)

It's ending soon. :(

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