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Empire Admin -> New Gangster Squad Poster Arrives Online (11/10/2012 11:23:55 AM)

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Snake 4Skin -> Posters are dead (11/10/2012 11:23:55 AM)

Looking 4ward to the movie but what a crap poster! Is it me or has poster art taken a back seat for like the past decade,mayb 2. Remember the days when they would actually paint them or the days when the actual director wud design them. Is it the global economy,laziness or just fear of being original in the publics eye??? Emma Stone,wadda ye doin there!?

fraser1978 -> (11/10/2012 11:40:38 AM)

What a terrible photoshop! If this was hand painted like the Star Wars posters, it would have been awesome!

Bad Ash -> RE: (11/10/2012 12:26:09 PM)

My eyes immediately went for Emma Stone in that dress!! Phwooooaaaaaaaar!!!!! [:D]

Good poster! [;)]

Madhava -> Ouch. (11/10/2012 1:24:55 PM)

That is definitely one of the worst posters of all time...

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