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Empire Admin -> First Look Star Trek Into Darkness (5/10/2012 10:17:58 AM)

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rtb2k6 -> Lol (5/10/2012 10:17:58 AM)

J.J i love you and fooking hate you all the same lol

HornetPrime -> Textbook (5/10/2012 11:47:35 AM)

That is textbook JJ.
I love it.

Mike1701 -> Thanks for the LOL (5/10/2012 8:36:40 PM)

As a fan of TOS, I loved it and it certainly does put the "must have information" hype into perspective. I for one don't like spoilers and really do/can wait for the movie to hit theaters.

Overmind -> RE: Thanks for the LOL (6/10/2012 8:10:39 AM)

I cant watch that video here in Norway because of copyrightisues.....
...This is getting silly....

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