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DJ Satan -> Movie Chance Cards (5/10/2012 8:42:30 AM)

I'm in the middle of a project and I'm looking for lots of ideas of movie related "chance" style cards for events that good potentially effect a movie's reception. I'm looking for both humorous, possibly fact based, or straight forward ideas.

A few examples of what I am thinking:

"Your movie receives bad reviews. Box office down."

"Lead actor caught playing bongos naked."

"Actress replaced after calling director Hitler!"

Things like that. If anything comes of this and I use your ideas, you will be credited. [:)]

Rebel scum -> RE: Movie Chance Cards (5/10/2012 9:02:47 AM)

How about...

"Lead actress and director were having an affair!"

"90+ on Rotten Tomatoes"

"Nominated for several Oscars" (This one would work if it was still on release at the time of the nom announcements or something. Alternatively...)

"Grand Prix Winner At Cannes!" (And along the same lines...)

"Nominated for several Golden Raspberries"

"Lead walks off the project!"

"Film is based on some 80s nostalgia thing. Box office up up up!"

"Actor publically claims the film's terrible"

"Release date pushed back"

"Needless 3D added."

DJ Satan -> RE: Movie Chance Cards (5/10/2012 9:41:42 AM)

Awesome! That's exactly the kind of thing I am looking for. [:)]

rich -> RE: Movie Chance Cards (6/10/2012 12:32:41 AM)

"Rival studio announces release of suspiciously similar film"

"Media outlets circulate story that your script rips off a cult novel"

"Leak of unlit and unfinished set photos generates negative buzz"

"Toy stores spoil plots with unexpected pics of action figure playsets"

"Lead actor arrested after being caught with prostitute"

Shifty Bench -> RE: Movie Chance Cards (6/10/2012 12:56:57 AM)

"Due to accidents throughout the shoot, the film is deemed to be 'cursed'"
"Director replaced mid-shoot by someone who is uncredited so first director gets any heat the film causes"
"Film not screened for critics before release"
"Angered fans by being a shot for shot remake of a classic film"
"Angered fans for adapting a TV drama into a crude slapstick comedy film"
"Directed by a known sex offender"
"Directed by Uwe Boll" [:D]

xzynomorpher -> RE: Movie Chance Cards (6/10/2012 9:12:36 AM)

"Entire film leaked online a month before release."
"Fans of existing franchise on which movie is based say it 'raped' their childhood"
"Lead actor and lead actress start dating. Tabloids go crazy!"
"Rumors circulate that the director has been thrown off the project"
"Film labeled by The Daily Mail as 'dangerous''"
"Film fails to meet fan's overly high expectations and is deemed a disappointment."

jcthefirst -> RE: Movie Chance Cards (6/10/2012 1:57:42 PM)

"It's not meant to be Citizen Kane!"

Rebel scum -> RE: Movie Chance Cards (6/10/2012 2:31:42 PM)

"Internet picks up on enormous plot hole."
"Advertised to the point of saturation, audiences sick of trailers for it."
"Star dies on set, film completed and touted as their last performance"
"Video game tie-in doesn't suck"
"Trailer gives away most of the film's plot"
"Features a cameo from recent teen heartthrob sensation"
"Features a popular actress topless"
"Film accused of being 'pretentious'"
"Film's review thread on Empire descends into bitching"

MuckyMuckMan -> RE: Movie Chance Cards (16/10/2012 10:03:19 AM)

'Ghostly apparition caught on film during filming' - Box Office up due to audience being intrigued towards the footage.

'Studio and Director at loggerheads over final cut' - Box Office down due to final cut being cut to shreds.

'Natural disaster sends movie budget excalating' - Box Office down, increased budget makes it impossible to recoup loses.
'Lead actor loses eye whilst filming action choreography shot' - Box Office down as lead actor is replaced.

'Actress and Director have affair on set of Romance film' - Box Office up due to scandal increasing the promotion of the film.

'Director booed on stage at local film festival after showing of his movie' - Box Office down due to bad word of mouth.

spark1 -> RE: Movie Chance Cards (16/10/2012 10:24:26 AM)

"blockbuster given last minute 3d conversion'.

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