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The best 80s films resist becoming dated because they are resolutely 80s based. For instance Black Rain. It's SO 80s. The period is perfect. So long as you don't watch it thinking it is meant to be now, it's absolutely fine.

I would disagree with the idea that Blair Witch is dated. With everyone filming everything on their phones, the idea of kids filming everything in the woods is still very relevant.

Predator is another great example of that because it's so over the top.

Predator 2 has aged poorly but I think Predator holds up quite well even with the ott macho-mannerisms.

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Any scene in which a Prince song plays in Tim Burton's Batman.
The film would have aged incredibly well otherwise.

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Kick-Ass will definitely date soon as well.

Any particular reason?

With that many pop culture references, it's hardly going to date like Casablanca.

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