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Empire Admin -> The Lone Ranger Trailer Charges In (3/10/2012 11:00:12 AM)

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andygilligan -> n33d (3/10/2012 11:00:12 AM)

why he's called the lone ranger i'll never know. does Tonto ever leave???

Cynric -> (3/10/2012 12:01:48 PM)

n33d: I believe it's for tax purposes. Tonto's aid is regarded as "outsourcing".

ricka200 -> (3/10/2012 3:16:48 PM)

Hey Empire dudes there's a sparkling hd version on apple trailers

murrayjoel -> (3/10/2012 3:27:01 PM)

Looks great. I'm sure it'll be horrendous.

J_BUltimatum -> Will be avoiding this! (3/10/2012 3:52:02 PM)

saw the footage at comic con and it looks like it will be one of the worst films of 2013. At least Disney have there Marvel projects and Monsters Universty to fill there pockets!!!

clarkkent -> (3/10/2012 6:30:55 PM)

yeesh, that looks... not great. And the rail way being the central plot? Seriously, they couldn't have come up with something a little more inspired?

Shifty Bench -> RE: n33d (3/10/2012 6:46:32 PM)


ORIGINAL: andygilligan

why he's called the lone ranger i'll never know. does Tonto ever leave???

The title doesn't refer to him being alone it refers to him being the only Ranger, the last one, in a group that were ambushed and left for dead. [:)]

matty_b -> RE: n33d (3/10/2012 6:59:02 PM)

Looks awful.

nyallh -> hmmmz (3/10/2012 10:05:15 PM)

for gods sake Gore, make Bioshock already. i dont care if you have to cast jonny depp to secure studio funding, just sodding well do it.

Whistler -> RE: hmmmz (4/10/2012 5:48:04 AM)

Doesn't look that bad.

mclane1 -> Looks Great, bring it on!! (4/10/2012 2:47:50 PM)

really liked the look of that, quite dark, depp seems understated yet has his ususal presence. Armie hammer is a cool guy- good stuff all round.

leroythemasochist -> Jay Silverheels was way cooler (4/10/2012 9:55:36 PM)

I grew up watching the Clayton Moore/Jay Silverheels tv show. This looks a bit... I don't know what.
Why has Depp got a bird on his head?
How the hell are the wheels on the locomotive still moving as it slides across the desert floor on its side?
If it's such a gritty, tough take on the story, why does the Ranger's hat look like its been whitewashed?

Maybe I'm just being picky but this all looks a bit odd. I'm a Depp fan but I'm getting a bit weary of his 'I'm a bit crazy me' schtick.
Too long playing Cap'n Jack maybe...

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