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Empire Admin -> Daniel Radcliffe Is Feeling Horny (3/10/2012 9:40:28 AM)

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alsybroth -> I'm reading Horns at the mo. (3/10/2012 9:40:28 AM)

Relies more on the Stand By Me style flashback storytelling (albeit with more lurid details) as opposed to the more supernatural elements, but its a very good read.
What comes down though is if Aja will concentrate more on the drama aspects or add more of his splatter-like qualities like his past films....which I SERIOUSLY hope he doesn't.

HighwayJoe -> Is Daniel turning into... (3/10/2012 2:13:37 PM)

...Rufus Sewell? Or is it just me?

Not Horror's biggest fan, but I'm looking forward to this one.

ericcoyle -> Are they changing stuff (3/10/2012 4:26:20 PM)

In a previous post you said he was going to be blue. In the book Ig turns red after..no, I won't spoil it. Now you say his horns are invisible. Thats not in the book either. His horns are visible but people forget they have seen them as soon as they look away, leaving a lot of the people he encounters troubled as if they can't figure out what is odd about Ig. This is a great book and I am looking forward to it and Radcliffe certainly looks the part as far as I am concerned (do you think they are making him blue to avoid Hellboy comparisons?).

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