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Cravats -> Africa-Related Films (3/10/2012 9:04:11 AM)

In August 2013, I will be part of a group going on a two-week mission trip to Zambia.

As you can probably imagine, there is a lot of fundraising to be done!

One idea which we are exploring is hosting an all-nighter of Africa-related films.

I was wondering if I could tap in to your wealth of knowledge for some suggestions please:

Matinee: Casablanca, Out Of Africa, The African Queen

Kids Films: Lion King, Madagascar, The World's Greatest Athlete

Family Films: Ace Venture: When Nature Calls, Africa United, Invictus

Adult Films: Blood Diamond, District Nine, Hotel Rwanda, The Constant Gardener, The Last King Of Scotland, Tsotsi

Documentaries: Cry Freetown, When We Were Kings

UTB -> RE: Africa-Related Films (3/10/2012 11:12:10 AM)

Congo and The Ghost & The Darkness spring to mind, but only if you're considering an 'animal attack' night [:D].

In fact there's a list on Wikipedia

vad3r -> RE: Africa-Related Films (3/10/2012 7:58:47 PM)


Also, District 9.

MonsterCat -> RE: Africa-Related Films (3/10/2012 10:25:53 PM)

Lethal Weapon 2?

great_badir -> RE: Africa-Related Films (4/10/2012 1:41:20 PM)



I would say any Sembene film would fit the bill.

I'll also throw in the extremely controversial (for several reasons) mondo flick Africa Addio. If nothing else, it represents an interesting take on the very end of the English empire and how media is presented.

Cravats -> Re: Africa-Related Films (5/10/2012 8:58:13 AM)

Thanking you! Anymore for anymore?

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