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Empire Admin -> 10 Movie To TV Projects We're Excited About (2/10/2012 8:24:24 PM)

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onephatnelly -> Alternative tagline for Fargo (2/10/2012 8:24:24 PM)


MartinHeron -> (2/10/2012 8:37:50 PM)

Was excited when About a Boy popped up but that sounds bad. It could do with a mini-series to flesh out the parts of the book that the film deviates from, but just to take the concept of man-befriends-boy? Why don't you just get rid of Alan Cryer and have One And a Half Men?

MartinHeron -> (2/10/2012 8:38:40 PM)

* Jon Cryer. Alan's his character. Doh.

Happy Shrapnel -> (3/10/2012 9:15:58 AM)

Am I the only one that all these feel like cheap rip offs...........oh dear.

jamie.waring77 -> remiinds me.... (3/10/2012 11:05:15 AM)

Is it just me or does this remind anyone else of a sort of Quantum Leap thing. Back in the 90's with Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell.

chris wootton -> (3/10/2012 2:20:13 PM)

oooh, looking for to Psycho and SIlence of the Lambs.. could be awesome. How about Amy Madigan for Fargo?

everton -> Isn't S.H.I.E.L.D meant to be set in a totally diiferent "Universe" to the MCU? (3/10/2012 2:25:29 PM)

Last I heard Kevin Fiege was adamant that the TV shows based on Marvel Characters (Hulk especially) would have absolutely no relation to the films. Basically the same way that Marvel comics and Ultimate Marvel comics take place in different realities. Have I missed him giving up on that?

bill the butcher -> i love Amy Ryan (3/10/2012 5:39:26 PM)

Falco’s still busy on Nurse Jackie, so how about Amy Ryan THANK YOU for saying that i saw her in gone baby gone and jack goes boating and i am gonna watch The Wire one of these days i would love it if she had her own tv show :)

Arnster5 -> "Inception" TV SHOW!!!!!! (4/10/2012 10:50:32 PM)

This would be the most amazing show ever if, in each episode, they went into a different dream for a different reason!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It would be THE BEST

TPM007 -> The Transporter? (4/10/2012 11:26:50 PM)

The last I heard of the Transporter TV show was a really long trailer for it - what happened to that?

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