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xzynomorpher -> The Movie Logo Quiz (2/10/2012 11:30:29 AM)

B- The epic conclusion none of you care about.
D- The bear and the savior of the universe.
E- Not angry.
F- Not a live action Chicken Little.
H- If you don't get this you don't belong here.
J- The preceding letter is silent.
K- It happened again.
M- Innocent entertainment or anti- capitalist propaganda?
N- Giants committing one of the seven deadly sins
P- Poor Taylor.
R- The title is oddly relevant, but not in the way it wanted.
T- Fire stealing god.
U- Recent backdrop for a minor scandal.
V- Together at last.
W- Should have stuck to throwing people in volcanoes.
X- Part of a long subtitle.

beardyphysics -> RE: The Movie Logo Quiz (2/10/2012 12:20:38 PM)

A- Tom's musical
B- teenage guff
C -
D-Oscar hosts first movie
E- the best movie jacket ever!
F -
G -
H -last one ever.
L-Arnie and co
M- strings attached
N- terrible sequel no one wanted
P- berg goes nuts
R-another crappy remake.
T-Greek mythology
U- bella doing action
V- biggest movie of the year
W- written by the guy who did v
Y- female ass kicking
Z- franchise reboot!!

sagent33 -> RE: The Movie Logo Quiz (2/10/2012 12:33:47 PM)

C: real or in your mind!

kenc -> RE: The Movie Logo Quiz (2/10/2012 1:03:44 PM)

A: Recently adapted from a Broadway musical
C: Dreams within dreams
G: Adaptation of first book in Millennium trilogy
I: He set free the slaves
L: Throwaway mercenaries go again
O: Time travelling hitman
Q: LAPD vs Mafia
S: Upcoming star vehicle for the former Governator
Z: Rebooted Stan Lee creation

xzynomorpher -> RE: The Movie Logo Quiz (2/10/2012 1:14:41 PM)

Ah, got them all now. Thanks.

Y- Vehicle to launch a female action star.

Antcav -> RE: The Movie Logo Quiz (2/10/2012 1:32:12 PM)

am really struggling with F, X and Y - any other clues available???

kenc -> RE: The Movie Logo Quiz (2/10/2012 1:49:16 PM)

Y: MMA girl.Got it .Thanks

Antcav -> RE: The Movie Logo Quiz (2/10/2012 1:52:28 PM)

Got Y now - thanks!!!

alsybroth -> RE: The Movie Logo Quiz (2/10/2012 1:56:43 PM)

Anyone know F, K & X?

Any other clues?

Antcav -> RE: The Movie Logo Quiz (2/10/2012 2:13:19 PM)

For K - Liam says not again!

fwantastique -> RE: The Movie Logo Quiz (2/10/2012 3:02:10 PM)

Please god somebody give me a clue for X, it's driving me crazy and it's the last one for me to get!

kenc -> RE: The Movie Logo Quiz (2/10/2012 3:34:41 PM)

X: First of a long awaited prequel trilogy

beardyphysics -> RE: The Movie Logo Quiz (2/10/2012 4:08:08 PM)

Still cant get j or x, any help?

Ady682 -> RE: The Movie Logo Quiz (2/10/2012 6:52:22 PM)

X - the fourth film from this fantasy universe

xzynomorpher -> RE: The Movie Logo Quiz (2/10/2012 8:52:06 PM)

F- Let this --, when it crumbles, we will stand to, face it all together...
J- The metal restraints are off.

JofK -> RE: The Movie Logo Quiz (2/10/2012 10:54:02 PM)

I've got I, Q and W left to get. So stuck. Any clues???

annie_anita -> RE: The Movie Logo Quiz (2/10/2012 11:43:19 PM)

A- Catherine Zeta-Jones sings.
B- The final movie to a very silly tween series
C- "You musn't be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling."
D- Seth McFarlane wrote it.
E- This movie got snubbed at the Oscars in favor of Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
F- Adele sings the theme.
G- Movie adapted from a Swedish movie.
H- One of the most popular and beloved series.
I- This time, he's not slaying vampires.
J- DiCaprio gets ugly and villainous.
K- If you can't get this you lack "a very particular set of skills; skills acquired over a very long career".
L- A bunch of old bad asses at it again.
M- It's not easy being green.
N- A sequel with Sam Worthington.
O- Prosthetic noses and time travel
P- Movie based off a game.
Q- Movie that hasn't been released yet with Ryan Gosling.
R- Reboot of an Arnie movie.
S- Movie with a certain governor of California.
T- Think Aliens.
U- Movie where we all wondered in what world the lead actress could ever be more beautiful than Charlize.
V- One of the very successful superhero movies released this year.
W- The writer/director and the actor of #22 collaborate again.
X- Small people on an adventure.
Y- Micheal Fassbender is in this action movie.
Z- The reboot that came too soon.

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