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Empire Admin -> Fox Searching For New Apes Director (26/9/2012 7:29:48 AM)

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BenTramer -> "Damn you all to hell!" (Okay, I'm overreacting) (26/9/2012 7:29:48 AM)

I'm saddened to hear that Rupert Wyatt is off the sequel, he did a superb job on Rise and he will be a tough act to follow. The ape revolution is essentially a hairier version of the zombie apocalypse so any director that did a good zombie movie would be a good choice. Matt Reeves is on a bit of a roll with Cloverfield and then Let Me In - both creature features. He would be the frontrunner for me at the moment.

Whistler -> (26/9/2012 7:41:31 AM)

Okay you've twisted my arm, I'll do it.

tolkienerd -> (26/9/2012 8:11:21 AM)

Surely Andy Serkis should direct it.

He's going to be on set anyway and now has some experience of directing a big special effects movie.

El-Branden Brazil -> How about... (26/9/2012 9:53:00 AM)

Len Wiseman or Paul W. S. Anderson anyone?

........I'm joking! I'm joking!

Odgers -> Ridley (26/9/2012 10:56:44 AM)

What about Ridley Scott?? He would make a classic Ape movie.

NeoBrowser -> RE: Ridley (26/9/2012 11:02:02 AM)

I agree with tolkienerd - Andy Serkis would be good.

Wild about Wilder -> RE: Ridley (26/9/2012 1:50:15 PM)

Not a bad call afterall he's getting some experience at it on The Hobbit.

Invader_Ace -> RE: Fox Searching For New Apes Director (26/9/2012 4:55:04 PM)

As with all films it should be Verhoven or Cronenberg!

Wild about Wilder -> RE: Fox Searching For New Apes Director (27/9/2012 11:16:39 AM)

Only trouble wih those two is they'd never get the certificate rating that the studio wants.

Kazuya -> RE: Fox Searching For New Apes Director (27/9/2012 12:15:58 PM)

Neil Blomkamp would be a good fit for this I think, but I don't know how his schedule looks, should be in post on Elysium.

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