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Empire Admin -> Len Wiseman Tackling The Mummy Reboot (25/9/2012 3:51:34 AM)

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othersideuk -> Hmmm... (25/9/2012 3:51:34 AM)

Since when did The Mummy stop being horror?
Forgive me, but as a bit of mindless fun, Underworld and Die Hard 4.0 were pretty good, but neither gives any indication of Wiseman being able to bring the scares! At least Sommers attempt was creepy (until the cgi monstrosity turned up!) there are so many horror newcomers who should be high up on the recommended viewing list of the producers. And your very right about Beckinsale!

Whistler -> (25/9/2012 4:43:11 AM)

It does sound a bit like he's talking about Frankenstein.

NeoBrowser -> RE: (25/9/2012 5:18:51 AM)

Did decent enough with Underworld, I'm cautiously optimistic.

BenTramer -> (25/9/2012 8:19:55 AM)

If Wiseman can drop the bad CGI, unfunny jokes and Indiana Jones rip-off aspects of the Sommers movies and get back to real horror, he may have something.

professoryaffle2000 -> Wow (25/9/2012 9:22:06 AM)

That Sommers film was such trash. I had to endure it the same day I got dumped. Tragic. I would say however, that it's about Wisemans pedestrian level. I wonder what part his cyborg wife will play. I can just imagine this to be the worst film ever made.

FoximusPrime -> RE: (25/9/2012 9:38:28 AM)


ORIGINAL: Whistler

It does sound a bit like he's talking about Frankenstein.

I'm looking forward to the premiere when the audience discovers that Wiseman's made cinema's most faithful adaptation of Frankenstein only with a mummy in the monster's place. And he doesn't understand what the problem is.


Yup, the man who most recently re-made Total Recall is reuniting with the duo who brought him in to direct the pilot for their Hawaii 5-0 TV reboot. You can almost hear the gnashing of teeth from here.

It isn't exactly ground-breaking TV but I quite like the Hawaii Five-0 remake.

burtbondy -> No Bone Sense (25/9/2012 10:23:49 AM)

Didn't he just make a total failuire out of the Recall remake? He more garbarge this guy makes the more high-profile gigs he gets in return. He should be blackballed for never having made a good movie in his life.

nashnash -> (25/9/2012 12:11:55 PM)

I can't really see where they want to go with this. A lot of people hate the Stephen Sommers Mummy's, which is fair enough, I can see why. I just happen to enjoy them (the first one at least. Not so much on the others). I really can't imagine anyone doing anything interesting with a remake of The Mummy. I can only picture myself being horrendously bored throughout the whole thing.

Nicky C -> I can see the connection ... (25/9/2012 12:24:24 PM)

... between Sommers and Wiseman. Neither of them would know a decent script if Aaron Sorkin smacked them on the @ss with one.

dgribble -> Ok.....(deep breath) (25/9/2012 1:01:08 PM)

Total REcall was a damn good movie; NOT as good as the Arnie one, but it was closer to the tone of the original story by Philip K Dick; watching the sequence where Ferrel starts his day to work made me relalise, I am COlin Ferrel....my life sucks, my job sucks...Arnie didn't seem to have a crap life....he was married to Sharon STone for gods sake! ANyway WIseman can direct a good movie; as long as it has no vampires, Mummies don;t count so I'm hopeful for this.

bamamike -> Not So Much... (25/9/2012 1:06:50 PM)

I liked the Underworld films but after Total Recall....see ya later Wiseman.

Porter -> I read somewhere that Len said... (25/9/2012 1:29:55 PM)

...his reboot is gonna be scarier than the original. No, Len. Like all your films, it's just gonna be shittier. How does this dude get work? He's films are rubbish. And as for remaking The Mummy? Not exactly Raiders of the Lost Ark to begin with was it, so perhaps he is the right guy for the gig after all.

Porter -> Newsflash - Wisemen to remake GI Joe. (25/9/2012 1:31:10 PM)

It's gonna be shittier than the shit original.

blindfold -> the bad side of wrong (25/9/2012 1:35:35 PM)

Oh dear.. this could be CG-tastic.

Empire throwing their lot in with Wiseman (looks pretty? You guys have watched Avatar too man times. Go watch Huston or hawks movie - as opposed to pretending to like them. You fool none of us hahahaha).

Seriously though - if Wiseman can go practical he could yet deliver something worthwhile - But looking at his background it seems unlikely. At what point will these producers (yes you two in particular who are also writers) and directors start to realise that what they are doing is the bad side of wrong!

And these guys are in or close to my generation? How is it they thing this is the way forward? Or are they busy lining their pockets with green.

Leonard or Sammy -> (25/9/2012 3:01:57 PM)

Wow, another pointless three star (at best) film in the making.I dread to think it may be classed as a "horror". Cue lots of pointless screaming and running from the "victims" and lots of noise from the mummy. I cant believe for a second that the mummy will be "cunning and calculating." Jumping out of a hiding places will not constitute cunning. Having said that though, I am sure it will add a minor amount of fun for a night out with friends (who like this crap) if there is nothing else on and I have had a couple of pints to numb the inevitable pain:-)

Super Hans -> RE: Len Wiseman Tackling The Mummy Reboot (25/9/2012 8:40:17 PM)

Urgh...is anyone really mourning the Mummy fanchise, and has Len Wiseman really made a good film yet?

Hopefully one day Hollywood will learn that not every franchise needs to be rebooted every few years - it's OK for some of them to have run their course and be left alone.

dannyfletch -> Pointless! (25/9/2012 11:24:23 PM)

Another pointless rehash that nobody wants. And with the mediocre Wiseman in the chair we can only hope this idea gets shelved!

NCC1701A -> RE: Pointless! (27/9/2012 9:17:31 AM)

here's an idea why don't we wait see the film then if it's crap then slag it off. While they may not be 5 star classics  both Underworld 2 and Die Hard 4.0 were not that bad.

Kazuya -> RE: Len Wiseman Tackling The Mummy Reboot (27/9/2012 12:24:39 PM)

Haha, really? The Mummy by Len Wiseman? That has about as much appeal for me as a kick in the balls with a steel-tipped workboot.

jobloffski -> RE: Len Wiseman Tackling The Mummy Reboot (27/9/2012 12:39:55 PM)

Universal must be utterly stupid. Given that 'auteur' directors are being used for action movies these days, why the hell not offer it to a big name director wanting a 'make a 'proper film' from the generic template of a series' gig?

Make it about the whole graverobbing thing/vengeance upon the robber not knowing what he is disturbing, and all that, but make it with some filmmaking craft, as a new start, not a post Sommers project, seeing as Sommers didn't create the damn idea?

Or give it the director of The Woman in Black, for example for the potential to be scary within the 12A parameters the film will probably have to fit into?

Hopefully, Wiseman has a more 'proper film; intent with this, and isn;t doing this because he has fulfilled the 'can reliably put together soething based on pre-existing properties without being too risky in the process'.

And don't put the wife in it dude, she's lovely but cannot act. At all.

Kazuya -> RE: Len Wiseman Tackling The Mummy Reboot (27/9/2012 12:47:27 PM)

Watkins is a good choice. If it was a straight up horror show, all creepy and threatening, I'd be interested.

shaz_smiley -> Total Recall, Robocop, spider-man..... Now the mummy??? (27/9/2012 3:45:18 PM)

This remake business has to stop.... You would have thought Hollywood learnt from Total Rubbish, I mean recall's mistake. And for Len wiseman...... Even if he was to direct an episode of footballers wives, he would make it sh!ttier than it really is!!!!!

Guillermo del toro, David Fincher or Darren Aronofsky for directing!!!!

mclane1 -> Wait and see (28/9/2012 4:44:44 PM)

It may be just fine, die hard 4.0 was really good fun and a BIG well paced action movie. Lets reserve judgement until its out. But then I also really liked the original sommer mummy movie and don't particularly like the shawshank redemption so my opinion on here is about as respected as dale winton if he ran for governor in Texas :)

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