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Carne -> Disappointed with the delivery time (25/9/2012 2:01:26 AM)

I've subscribed for 12 months, and I have to say I'm rather disappointed with how long it takes for the magazine to arrive in my mailbox.

While UK subscribers (and maybe other countries?) get their magazine on Mondays, I (who live in Norway, a 1 hour flight from London) have to wait one week extra for mine to show up. Which also means by the time I get it every single article and photo will be all over the internet. Heck, I get it days after it arrives in stores. Am I not paying to get the magazine early like everyone else?

Is this some mistake or will I just have to deal with it?

I have no problems with the magazine itself, which is great.

Robsingh -> RE: Disappointed with the delivery time (25/9/2012 10:06:03 AM)

Hi Carne,

We ship all of the copies out at the same time, but I'm afraid that unless the international postal system improves you won't get it any sooner. The official onsale is always a Thursday, not Monday, sometimes UK copies arrive early because we send UK copies 2nd class which means that they should arrive Thursday, but if there is capacity Royal Mail sends them earlier.

We are already conscious that our overseas subscriptions are expensive due to international postage costs, there is quite a jump in cost if we change the postal service and it is still unlikely to arrive at the same time as the UK edition.

If you have or are thinking of getting an iPad anytime soon, Empire is availible in most countries on the same onsale date around the world, at the same price as the UK ed.

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