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Empire Admin -> Empire's Schwarzenegger Issue Is Here! (24/9/2012 1:22:45 PM)

Post your comments on this article

bereski -> Arnie? (24/9/2012 1:22:45 PM)

I'm a little disappointed about a theme.

buffster28 -> RE: Arnie? (24/9/2012 1:24:21 PM)

me too esp with that theme being Arnie !!

Void Indigo -> AWESOME! (24/9/2012 4:07:46 PM)

Thank You, EMPIRE! Well Done! ARNOLD IS THE MAN!

Shifty Bench -> RE: Empire's Schwarzenegger Issue Is Here! (24/9/2012 9:03:29 PM)

Like him or not, the man was once the biggest star in the world and he's making a comeback to movies. Being a movie magazine of course Empire is going to have a feature on him.

blindfold -> The original Action Star? (27/9/2012 12:09:50 PM)

Er.. I think Sly beat him to it...

Fozola -> Icons Return (27/9/2012 12:59:38 PM)

Love or hate the man he is a screen icon and legend and it will be intriguing to see him return. Our true movie stars (talented or not) are diminishing so I for one welcome the return.

7eke -> Shame (28/9/2012 12:51:41 AM)

Even when he's airbrushed to within an inch of his life, he still looks like a piece of biltong

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