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Phubbs -> Hellraiser: Revelations (2011) (24/9/2012 4:38:35 AM)

Ah the infamous 'new' Hellraiser sequel that was made purely to retain a license, if it were up to me I would of made it a proper ninth sequel.

Lets cut straight to the point here, believe it or not but I liked this entry. Yes its true, I really don't see what the issue is here, bottom line this sequel is no worse than some of the other many Hellraiser sequels.

The plot is pretty neat really, a bit disjoined but it had me thinking and interested at all times. I only really worked out fully what they were trying to achieve towards the finale, as we get more explanatory flashbacks.

Basically the story tells the tale of two young men who vanish after a bender in Mexico. We are then fed small bits of info as to what happened to them via flashbacks which are interspersed in the story. Its not been edited terribly well but it just about does the job. In fact the plot runs along the same lines as the original, you could almost say this film is a forerunner/pilot to Dimension's planned remake!.

As we all know Hellraiser is also centred around gruesome special effects, that's one of the best bits people!. Again to be fair the creators of this film have done a solid job, yes there is nothing new to the franchise, it all looks the same as the previous films, yes you can say you've seen it all before. But the gory bloody skinned bodies, 'Pinhead's' makeup, hooks pulling skin, a second 'Pinhead' type cenobite and what looks like the 'Chatterer' cenobite all look really quite decent in my opinion. At no point did any of it look third rate or bad B-movie trash, the makeup, prosthetics and set work for all cenobite sequences are just fine, equal to previous work.

God knows who the cast are but they do a reasonable effort, a bit rough around the edges but again I stress...I've seen worse. What does spring to mind is what Dimension are planning to do for the future. If they are going to remake 'Hellraiser' then a good plan is required as we now know from this film that someone else as 'Pinhead' doesn't work too well. Collins does the job fine but his mannerisms, movements and of course his face just aren't the same. It shows how good Bradley is both acting the role and visually, much like the 'Freddy' remake without Englund.

So naturally don't expect the world with this (I doubt anyone would), but don't be negative, try to ignore what everyone else says/writes. I was pleasantly surprised, especially with the horror effects, but do we need a remake now?. Seeing the original plot played out again here without Bradley I would say no unless there are some major new imaginative ideas pumped into it. But then would it be Hellraiser? last thing I wanna see is a CGI filled 3D remake.

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