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SophieTakhar -> Drama trailer (20/9/2012 4:40:01 PM)

Im creating a drama based trailer titled 'Destiny'. I would appreciate some feedback as required, thank you!

Characters names:

Mother: Sandi

Motherís father: Jason

Son: Kayden

Act 1:

A young teenage girl, Sandi gets pregnant at the age of 15. she gives birth to the baby boy however her dad, Jason tells her the baby didnít survive and died he was lying.
He gives the baby up for adoption, however pays the nurse for her silence.
Back story:
Sandiís mother also gave birth underage however sadly died when Sandi was 11.

Act 2:

The baby now as a young adult, Kayden discovers he was adopted at birth and decides to look for his mother. He discovers he was adopted as he looked it up online found his mothers details and ends up on her doorstep.
The equilibrium is disrupted as the mother has a successful job and is wealthy.
Binary opposites:
Young vs. old, male vs. female, independent vs. dependent
Location: The front of the house.

Act 2 continued:

When Kayden arrives at the doorstepÖ

The mother doesnít believe him she thinks he's crazy and closes the door on him, watches him walk away.

He posts his number on a paper.

The mothers father, Jason past away when she was 18, so she cannot ask him.

Act 3:

Sandi finds a letter written by her dad explaining how her son isnít dead and is alive.
She gets in touch with her son they bond (location: park) and the son moves in with his mother.
Kayden moves in there's conflict as they have a few arguments and complications but resolve them.
The conflict occurs between them as Kayden steals her money as she is wealthy. He steals the money to feed his drug habit.
Props: salt grains and a plastic bag (replica drugs).

Act 4:

Kayden decides to leave his mother after spending two years of his life with her. After forming a loving relationship and life style for 2 years his motive was always to leave her to show what it was like to be abandoned by his own family.

Binary opposite good vs. bad.

Thanks for your reading and feedback.

Willie Mayes Hayes -> RE: Drama trailer (27/9/2012 5:00:55 PM)

"He discovers he was adopted as he looked it up online found his mothers details and ends up on her doorstep"
Is it that easy?

You seem a bit hung up on 'binary opposites' too. The "good vs bad" at the end isn't that simple.

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