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Empire Admin -> The Most Ludicrous DVD/Blu-ray Box Sets Ever (20/9/2012 1:24:02 PM)

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clarkkent -> (20/9/2012 1:24:02 PM)

And by ludicrous you mean absolutely freaking awesome. Right? Except the Lion king one, that's kinda weak.

Grimm -> LK (20/9/2012 5:29:14 PM)

No Lion King movie features any african drum, whatsoever!

ManWithHarmonica -> TV - Seinfeld Box Set (20/9/2012 9:50:40 PM)

All of these are pretty cool, but have got to mention the Seinfeld Box Set, which features...a Coffeetable course.

Plainviewturner -> I Own a couple (20/9/2012 9:53:49 PM)

I own a couple of these box sets. Get Smart, The Big Lebowski, The Evil Dead, Inception,

Textbookzoom3 -> Next up the most ludicrous videogame box sets ever (21/9/2012 2:30:18 AM)

Such as the "wearable full size replica sling pack" from the Infamous 2 Hero Edition; large enough to contain precisely one sandwich.

aardvark1973 -> Where is the Lord of the Rings SE boxes? (21/9/2012 7:26:44 AM)

I bought the 3 special eds of the films. Fellowship came with 2 Argonauth statues, two Towers came with a Gollum statue and Return came with a rather heavy Minas Tir paperweight. They are rather special and surprised not in this list

AxlReznor -> RE: Where is the Lord of the Rings SE boxes? (21/9/2012 9:31:08 AM)

Is it wrong that I want some of these? I mean, I'm not even a Harry Potter fan and I want both of those boxsets!

mango1902 -> Nightmare Before Christmas (21/9/2012 5:02:58 PM)

Top tip: the Nightmare Before Christmas bust is available on Amazon Germany for €64.90, which is just over £50. Much, much less than the $200 Amazon US sellers want for it. The postage is free, too.

veers -> Forgotten boxes! (21/9/2012 11:16:12 PM)

I'm kinda disappointed by the omission of my Phantasm Ball, Tony Montana's Cigar Box and the Vengeance Trilogy Gift Box (includes a hammer!) from the list...

joevictor53 -> LOTR and T2 (22/9/2012 10:32:00 AM)

Where's the Lord of the Rings Limited Extended Edition DVD boxsets that came with a Gollum statue, book ends and some other statue (can't remember what the last one was).
Also, where's the Terminator 2 endoskull Blu-Ray. Those two are waaaaay better than the Jurassic Park model

Fallen Giant -> Phase dumb (24/9/2012 9:43:48 AM)

According to the Marvel Avengers Phase One box set that will be avaliable next spring will include all the titles from this set but in different packaging. So there goes the awesome Tesseract in Briefcase collectable! Always wanted the Blade Runner briefcase though and where was the awesome T2: endo skull with light up eyes??

Sammy Jenkis -> Metric Conversion (25/9/2012 12:34:36 PM)

Why are all the measurements in imperial up to the Matrix ship set which is in metric?

Lost4812162342 -> RE: Metric Conversion (18/10/2012 6:18:19 PM)

I wanted the LOST boxset on blu ray but never got it

mofs -> Inception (26/2/2013 4:52:20 PM)

The Inception one is pretty cool. It looks like the one from the film and actually includes a metallic spinning top just like Cobb'. Surprised you didn't include the Hitchcock one which is now adorning my mantlepiece - very fancy!

Andrew Thorne -> Hellboy 2 (26/2/2013 8:01:03 PM)

How about the Hellboy 2 Special edition with the Golden Army statue???

Thedude10 -> Mad Men Whiskey Glass Boxset (27/2/2013 11:55:07 AM)

How on earth has the Mad Men Whiskey Glass set not been included?

An actual Don Draper Whiskey Glass in a box!

Ali Plumb -> (27/2/2013 1:10:44 PM)

mofs - I think that's just plain cool, not ludicrous!

TheDude10 - That's for TV, that list is to come...

Andrew Thorne -- that's a very good shout! See also, all them LOTR numbers...

BRYPIE -> (27/2/2013 1:58:31 PM)

I have the Evil Dead book of the dead release!

Luggen -> McFly family photograph (28/2/2013 3:37:23 PM)

In the Back to the Future box-set they should at the McFly family photograph, but do it like a 3d picture so that when you tilt it Dave, Marty and Linda fades away.

xioheh -> (28/2/2013 7:24:51 PM)

Dear EmpireOnline

If you insist we click 30 times to RTFA, please design the website accordingly, page jumps and reloads seem a little dated.

Criterion148 -> You forgot the most epic... (22/9/2013 9:49:49 PM)

131 Disc Dark Shadows coffin could you miss this one??/

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