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TheGodfather -> (9/10/2012 10:16:42 PM)

Taken 2
Enjoyable sequel to a great first part from 2008. Of course it`s more of the same but in this case that isn`t a problem at all. We`ve seen it before, although the action this time around has taken (no pun intended ;)) a step back from last time. That is "thanks" to the direction and editing wich are so hasty and at times almost unfollowable, with the Istanbul car chase as a low point: edited so super fast you can`t possibly see what`s going on.
But put that aside and you`ll have yourself a lovely action flick that`ll guarantee you a fun night out at the movies.


AntGC -> Good. (10/10/2012 4:45:38 PM)

Very entertaining like the 2st but lacked as much action, Deffo worth watching though. Good old fashioned goodies vs Baddies!

JJB888 -> Taken 2 an uneasy relationship (11/10/2012 2:08:20 PM)

First and foremost I admired Taken (2008), as a slick piece of Thriller filmmaking that, in spite of heavy handed stereotypes, was memorable, aggressive and adrenaline-fueled. So comes this sequel that really should not have being, I mean Taken was in many ways a one concept film, even Neeson admits it ("what she gets Taken again"). So what of this sequel, well first off it is no way as memorable or accomplished as the first. Secondly Megaton (despite his brilliant last name) was the wrong choice to direct and butchers a car chase scene with shaky-camera shooting. Thirdly it is a ridiculous film that's dumber than a bag of hammers with afros strapped on. This all said though, my initial disappointment with this sequel was met with a new verdict upon consideration. Neeson as Mills is watchable, in fact more than that, he's good, he always is! The film has admirably gathered the original cast, where many sequels fail to and they give the whole thing dignity. Also while the middle section of the film (mapping with grenades aside) is dull and unmemorable, the ending provides the Neeson badassery you wanted throughout and a final fight with a henchmen (whilst it could be better built up) is very good. I also appreciated the actual build up at the start and despite the film's stupidity, at least it has tried to continue the story and do something plausible for a Revenge film. There is no doubting that Taken 2 is not the film everyone wished it would be but at the same time, even with an unwelcome vibe of Straight-to-DVD feelings, the film is an appropriate Saturday night flick that I actually felt, on its own merits, was an easy watch. An uneasy relationship? Sure it is, this is not the sequel it could have been (perhaps if Morel directed and the script was re-mastered) but I just have a feeling come the inevitable 15 cut that we shouldn't judge something that's been needlessly edited to suit a wider audience. Not great but I wouldn't call it awful either- altho

Jack'sSmirkinRevenge -> Dump (31/10/2012 12:51:43 PM)

Probably the worst film I've watched in the cinema in the last 5 years (Transformers 2 never happened, honest)

chris kilby -> RE: Taken 2 (31/10/2012 4:59:17 PM)

I avoided the first Taken after I read about how bad it was in EMPIRE. Then someone lent me a copy and… I thought it was one of the funniest things I’d ever seen. I was actually surprised how po-faced EMPIRE was about it at the time.

While clearly thick-ear garbage aimed squarely at the Nuts-“reading” Jason Statham crowd, I thought it was slyly satirical thick-ear garbage aimed squarely at the Nuts-“reading” Jason Statham crowd.

Where EMPIRE saw racism and xenophobia I saw a French film, don’t forget, which seemed to be parodying American racism, xenophobia and paranoia about foreigners while cynically playing up to and exploiting it. And if it wasn’t, it may as well have been.

Liam Neeson’s comely if not-too-bright daughter is barely off the plane in Paris before she is set up by the first guy she meets, kidnapped and sold into what used to be called “white slavery.”

Big Liam goes after her, of course. And the very first person he meets the moment he steps off his plane in Paris just happens to be the very guy who facilitated the kidnapping of his daughter – something he seems to intuit instinctively. At one of the busiest airports in the world. What do you suppose the odds against that would be?

Indeed every foreigner Big Liam meets is dodgy and/or “swarthy” looking. And it gets better. Or worse. Big Liam goes after his daughter’s kidnappers with the relentless tenacity of a Terminator but without the laughs. “I will look for you. I will find you. And I will kill you. I’ll be back. Fuck you, azzhole. Hasta la vista, baby,” etc.

And, it must be said, with the luck of the Irish. Big Liam invariably picks the right route, the right location and the right door. Every time. Without fail. When he stumbles on a room full of drugged-up, out-of-it, remarkably unspoiled kidnap victims, he just happens to rescue at random the one who not only remembers his daughter, but knows where she is. So she couldn’t have been that out of it then. I dunno, maybe The Force was still with him or something.

It was like Screenwriting 101 in reverse. In Big Liam’s effortless journey from convenient plot point A to convenient plot point B at no point is anything even remotely resembling an obstacle or hurdle placed in his path. Taken is the antithesis of drama. Comedy in other words. I genuinely thought it was hilarious. Pure comedy gold which treated its knuckle-dragging target audience with barely-disguised contempt.

Sorry, what was that? Never mind all that bollo, what about Taken 2? Oh, that was crap. Exactly the same joke again only not as funny and easily as bad as EMPIRE said the first one was. Like The Hangover 2 with a bodycount.

Mercilessly taking the piss out of paranoid Americans for being scared of their own shadows and they lap it up. Now that’s funny. Or it used to be. There was always something a bit Truman Show about Taken I thought. Like it was subsidised by the American tourist industry or something in an effort to prevent Americans ever holidaying abroad again. Not that they do.

They’re having a go at the Armenians now! Led by dodgy foreign rentavillain, Rade Sherbedgia. Even bad guys are somebody’s sons I suppose. About the only interesting wrinkle in this turgid atrocity exhibition. Even if Austin Powers got there first years ago. If this is the start of a trend though, Bond is in serious trouble!

(Loved the fat Steven Moffat lookalike in the tracksuit, though. I know a few Doctor Who “fans” who would probably love to see him getting duffed up by Liam Neeson.)

And still nothing gets in Big Liam’s way. And I mean nothing. No obstacles or hurdles of any kind. The bad guys don’t exactly make it hard for him, do they? They don’t search him properly. The leave him unguarded. They don’t even lock doors behind them. I know they’re foreigners, but still… What a bunch of fuckwits. The writers, I mean.

But these dodgy foreigners aren’t half as dodgy as our supposed hero. Brian (Brian!?!) is a creepy, obsessive, controlling, paranoid, assh*le, stalker, control freak. Let me put it this way – how would you feel if Brian Mills was your old man? Planting bugs on you and frisking every suitor who walked through the front door? Nightmare dad. I’m talking Fred West here. Know wot I mean? * cough * Incest! I’m not joking. This aspect of these films genuinely makes my skin crawl the same way all those old clips of Jim’ll Fix It on the news make my skin crawl

If Brian’s daughter ever does get hitched (assuming he lets her out of his sight long enough or the groom doesn’t meet with an unfortunate accident on the way to the church) the wedding should be an absolute belter. Literally.

(Brian’s not so obsessive when it comes to locking his motor though, I see. Funny that.)

Paranoid, xenophobic, incestuous bollocks. And it’s not funny any more. Well, apart from the bit where Brian encourages his daughter to “Be casual, blend in.” Er, by hoiking grenades around in the middle of a bustling city. Even by American standards that’s not exactly what you’d call inconspicuous.

Utterly irredeemable, braindead shite, and sanitised utterly irredeemable, braindead shite at that. Having toned down the old-school, bone-crunching violence in order to appease the censors and appeal to the more lucrative 12A/PG13 audience, Taken 2 even lacks the first film’s USP which was its dubious attraction, I thought.

But worst of all, it’s boring. Just a dour, dispiriting runaround. Repetitive, suspense-free action, stunts and car chases. And dumb as a bag of hammers. How did Big Liam get out of that car without anyone seeing him? Teleportation? Not even Qui-Gonn could do that! Doesn’t he ever run out of bullets? Don’t Turkish cops respond to automatic gunfire? How many innocent people did Brian’s daughter kill with those grenades do you suppose? How did his pointedly unqualified daughter do all that without stalling the car once? Is it really that easy to drive straight into a US embassy? In a Muslim country? I thought they all had great big concrete barriers erected in front of them these days for obvious reasons. Mainly to stop people just driving car bombs into them.

Does anyone actually enjoy this stuff? What am I saying? It’ll probably make a fortune. So roll on Taken 3 where hopefully Big Liam will look for, find and kill the cheese-eating surrender monkeys responsible for this load of Istanbul. Which is in Turkey, appropriately enough. Director Olivier Megaton (seriously?) is well named cos this bomb is a real stinker. I don’t know. Sometimes these reviews just write themselves.

“I am tired of it all.” He’s tired? Mind you, I’m not entirely convinced Big Liam was acting when he said this. Stupid, lazy, by-the-numbers filmmaking of the worst kind which treats its (undemanding) audience with utter contempt. Despicable. On every conceivable level.

Taken 2 is nothing we haven’t seen a hundred times before and done better. It’s bad enough this was just another crude Bourne rip-off but it pilfers from the sublime Drive soundtrack as well. Twice. Even the turgid Bourne Legacy was better than this – The Boring White Supremacy.

Phubbs -> RE: Taken 2 (9/12/2012 5:21:53 AM)

Taken 2

How can the same shit happen to the same guy twice? get a new line of work maybe. Neeson is back and he's badder than before, well not really but he still kicks ass at his ripe old age and he hasn't forgotten his black leather coat either.

Follow up to the very good original and your first thoughts are is this really needed?. The first film was a kind of slick 'Ronin' kick ass machine but can you really do the same again without it being a rehash? well yes and no.

Its a nice idea that we see the aftermath of what the hero did in the last film. He kills all the bad guys and saves the day, but what about those baddie henchmen he bagged? what about their families and friends? no one really wonders how they would feel and its not been explored too much. So this plot about one particular bad guys family (father) wanting revenge on Neeson's character is kinda neat but also kinda stretched. If you think about it the concept could just go on and on, every bad guy killed having one of their family members coming after the hero for revenge.

There are quite a few silly moments in this film I must admit. For a start Neeson's character works out where he is pretty quickly after he's been kidnapped. So before you know it he's contacted his daughter with his trusty batphone thingy hidden in his sock (of course) and well on the way to be rescued, job done, film over then.

The sequence where he instructs his daughter to throw grenades left right n centre so he can listen for the explosion and calculate where he is, is also rather daft. Surely live grenades going off in downtown Istanbul might raise some alerts? wouldn't anyone hear this? if 'Mills' can hear it in his dank prison surely other folk at street level can hear it no?.

That also leads to the fact that when 'Mills' is kidnapped it appears that he and his wife are driven quite a long distance away, possibly out of the city. We then learn through the grenade throwing sequence that he is in fact not very far away a tall, almost around the corner actually haha. His daughter can virtually see where he's been taken from the rooftop for gods sake lol!.

Then there is the car chase which again is very 'Ronin' like in style and visuals. Now this chase is actually very good and very well done, I enjoyed it a lot, kudos. Thing is, 'Mills' daughter can't drive, we know this from earlier in the film. Americans tend to drive automatic cars, the Merc they both escape in is a manual, but somehow this doesn't stop 'Mills' daughter managing to drive this Euro manual like a rally driver through the narrow bustling streets of Istanbul hehe.

Oh and 'Mills' manages to find his wife pretty quickly and easily towards the end too, just a stroll in the park, blip! your dead. Unfortunately we also discover that the main bad guy 'Murad' has two sons who will come after 'Mills' if he is killed, so I guess that's 'Taken 3' then.

Despite all the silly bits and the fact the whole plot is weak and not really important, I did actually enjoy this film quite a bit. The visuals are glossy with good editing, sound and camera work, score does the trick nicely and of course the acting isn't too shabby either. I have read a lot of negative reviews for this film but I can't see why really. Sure its not as good or original as the first film but you get what you pay for.

Neeson bitch slapping balding unshaven Eastern European bad guys, a slamming car chase and all created with smooth eye popping French (yes French!) va va voom.

ajm1991 -> Taken 2 (9/1/2013 3:54:35 PM)

From Taken to Taken 2 nothing much changes in the base plot -it's Bryan 's wife taken this time instead of his daughter and its a moment of revenge for the families who lost their dears in Bryan 's bullet festival happened in Paris to retrieve Kim. Taken 2 is no rocket science, it never meant to be. It might question your logic many times because it had to.

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