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Empire Admin -> New Argo Poster Online (18/9/2012 6:21:17 PM)

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OllieJP -> Similar to Zodiac? (18/9/2012 6:21:17 PM)

This might sound odd but bear with me, the tone of the film suggested by the trailer (true story, moments of dry/dark humour but basically serious) strikes me a lot of David Fincher's Zodiac film from 2007. Anyone agree?

ievolutionnorth -> (19/9/2012 10:05:14 AM)

ievolutionnorth -> (19/9/2012 10:05:16 AM)

gcj_1 -> Talk to me. (25/9/2012 6:22:20 PM)

Is that Terry Tibbs sitting infront of the Hollywood sign?

ericcoyle -> Kirbytastic (26/9/2012 4:16:49 PM)

Really want to see this. As a Kirby fan for decades I would like to ask why no one has yet used his designs in a movie of any of the characters he created. Captain America and Thor in particular. No one designed machines and alien devices quite like him and it would be great to see, especially as CGI should make it eminently possible.

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